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Company Spotlight: Beyond The Ledge

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Joe Schaefer’s company Beyond The Ledge Skate Wax is definitely “Not Your Mother’s Candles”. Joe is a man with a game plan that is slowly unfolding before our very eyes. And to tell you the truth…it looks really good. I learned a lot about this NYC based company during this interview and I’m proud to share this Company Spotlight with all of you.

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Company Spotlight: Sk8r4Life

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A new lifestyle company based out of Long Island, New York is making its presence felt beyond the 5 boroughs. They are way more than just another hat and tee company. What I discovered was a company with a deep rooted passion for blading and the desire to do positive things for our community and beyond.

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Kim Kardashian Sheds Tears Over 3 Years Of ShutupandSKATE!

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ShutupandSKATE 3rd Year Anniversary!

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While Hurricane Sandy is blowing her way all across NYC bringing all types of wind and rain, she cannot bring a damper on ShutupandSKATE’s 3rd Year Anniversary! A big shout-out to everybody who has ever clicked on my little blog to read what this old geezer has to say about rollerblading.

Do You Want To Be A Part Of History?

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Well, here’s your chance!!!
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Company Spotlight: Tri-State Skate

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I may not know Greg Kieffer that well but I do know that he is very supportive of rollerblading, especially in the Tri-State Area. I bumped into him at practically every comp and big session in NYC over the past year. And when I do see him, he is always loaded with products from Tri-State Skate to give out. In this “Company Spotlight” Greg opens up about the beginnings of the shop, misconceptions, and more as well as 2 big announcements to usher in 2012.

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Today is the 2nd year anniversary of my rollerblading blog ShutupandSKATE!

I would like to thank everybody for their positive encouragement, feedback, honest opinions & support. It means more to me than you’ll ever know. Thank you for putting up with 2 years worth of my blading ramblings. It’s only going to get worse ;) …stay tuned!



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