ShutupandSKATE! Stickers!

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First and foremost, I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for the amazing SUPPORT on the first run of “ShutupandSKATE!” stickers! These pieces are a passion project for the blading culture to keep things fun and exciting. Each piece is on a limited run, usually 100 max and most likely will NOT be produced again. I will always keep the prices extremely low ( $1 each with discounts on multiple stickers 🤓) and provide FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. I currently accept PayPal & Zelle.
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Forecast Tradeshow 2017

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A beautiful day in Cali on Saturday, June 3rd kicked of the 2017 Forecast Tradeshow event in Carson, CA. Here are some pics from today’s event, enjoy! Continue reading


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Due to my son’s health issue ShutupandSKATE will be on hiatus…

To check up on his inspiring story and progress feel free to check out his blog:

Brian Beats Tumors 

Damon Franklin: The Tehachapi Beast Interview

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(All screenshots taken from Damon Franklin’s 2015 Edit by Erick Rodriguez)
Since the time Damon Franklin and I began drafting up this interview late last year things have changed for the better. He went from Xsjado to USD…he just dropped a great edit with Erick Rodriguez showcasing his street skills…and he is traveling much more to blade as much as possible thus increasing his exposure. Instead of scrapping the interview and starting over we decided to keep some of the old and mix it with the new. The result is a look into the mind of a young blader with a hunger for progression.
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Company Spotlight: Grey Matter Hardgoods

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Grey Matter Hardgoods came out of nowhere and is now everywhere. I can’t go a day without hearing great praise about their anti rockers or seeing an advertisement promoting their product or mindset…and that is a good thing. GMH is here and they are making an impact. After working with TJ Gleason on this interview I found a new level of respect for him and I’m glad he’s back into blading. Welcome back TJ!
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“Master Splinter” Review

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In a blading world that is filling up rapidly with VOD sections there is a hidden gem that recently dropped with a “FREE” to view price tag that is putting others to shame. Jeremy Soderburg & Gregory Preston share with you their visual gift comprised of a passion for the sport that is refreshing as well as inspiring. “Master Splinter” is the title and there is enough Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action in here to satisfy the little kid in all of our souls. I dare you to watch this and not be motivated to go out and shred outside of your comfort zone. Let’s dig in!
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ShutupandSKATE 5th Year Anniversary!

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What? You thought this was a joke? 5 years strong boyeeeee! Thank you! Coming up next is an interview with an up and coming blader from Tehachapi…Damon Franklin! Much love and respect to everyone who ever clicked on my blog to see what this old man is up to!