Remembering Brian “Cozmik” Scott


I remember first meeting Brian while I worked at |B| Unique’s “Underground Skatepark”. He was a humble kid that wanted to take his skating to the next level so he skated hard everytime he put on his skates and he was a very quick learner. It was scary seeing him progress so fast but it was also refreshing to see that the new generation of skaters was pushing themselves hard. I always did my best to look out for him, whether it be a wheel hook-up, a |B| Unique  shirt hook-up, free skate session passes, etc… He was a good kid so I definitely wanted to hook him up when I could. I have so many good memories of “Cozmik” and that is the way that I will continue to keep his spirit alive. I’m remembering him for his drive, his smile, his dedication to rolling & his positive attitude. I miss my lil’ bro so much but I know that he is rolling in peace in the sky above.

Roll In Peace…

Brian “Cozmik” Scott

If you would like to help out the “Scott” Family with any donations feel free to check out this link:



One Response to “Remembering Brian “Cozmik” Scott”

  1. Me and anthany saw the news coverage and was crushed i was the same age as him hopefully this never happens again

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