Trevor mugshot

SUAS: What’s crack-a-lackin’ Trevor and welcome to ShutupandSKATE! Can you give everybody reading this a quick bio on who Trevor Johnson is?
Trevor: What’s up LB, first and foremost I’d like to say congrats on the shutupandskate ish, and thanks for hitting me up….I’m 23, from Long Island, NY and been around for 10+ yrs in the game.

SUAS: No problem Trevor and thank you for getting this interview done so quick.
Trevor: Np

SUAS: Who are the companies that you represent everytime you go out and roll?
Trevor: Denial Clothing, Remedys Skate Co., Chelsey Smiles, & Genre Wheels.

SUAS: Who or what in the world is Chelsey Smiles?…you skating for the ladies too haha?
Trevor: Yea its my girls company,why not skate for the ladies as well haha.
switch top mistrial
SUAS: You have been killing it for way too long, you are one of those skaters that I consider a Pro-Am. Meaning that the “industry” considers you an AM but your skating is Pro status. How do you feel about the word “PRO”?
Trevor: Why thank you Brian, um..the word pro in the world of skating just means you get paid, there’s a lot of ams in my position that deserve to be pro way more than I do but there’s just so much talent out there that unfortunately not every1 can be pro. But, I’m happy where I am now and am greatful for what I get.

SUAS: Speaking on skating Pro status you have been cleaning out NYC comps lately. What are some of the comps that you have won in NYC?
Trevor: Last Man Standing I’ve placed in I think 3 or 4 and won 1 of them and the Bronx Boogie Down Comp I won most recently.

SUAS: When can we expect Trevor Johnson to invade the BCSD, Hoedown, AIL & comps like that? We definitely need another reason for a 22-hour Greyhound roadtrip!
Trevor: Oh man, its hard for me to get to all the comps like that but hopefully I’ll get to a few and maybe do well in them but I’m much more of a street rat then a park skater so I try to be well rounded and skate everything but sometimes the parks aren’t my forte’.

SUAS: I notice that you have become an avid Twitter-head lately and you have been posting up your lyrics. How long have you been rhyming and are there any Trevor Johnson tracks floating around that we should know about?
Trevor: Haha, yea Twitter is really fun, lmao @ the rhyming and lyrics, but yea I just fuss with it and don’t take it too seriously, but if there is a cypher goin down you know I’m gunna drop a few bars haha. I’ve always been into rap and I’ve been writing for about 10 yrs now.

SUAS: I have seen alot of mini-edits from you lately, are you working on any full-length sections for any upcoming videos?
Trevor: Funny thing is I put a lot of work into 2 or 3 videos and never got put out but I’ve been filming and making things happen so expect to see me around.

angelo ferrer backslide

SUAS: Ah damn, that sucks. It would be cool though if you could get that footage and make a Trevor Johnson “Lost Sections” edit. You can’t let those good clips go to waste.
Trevor: Yea, I try to get the kids(not gunna name names) to put the footy out at least but they don’t want to for w/e reasons.

SUAS: LET TREVOR’S FOOTAGE GO! FREE TREVOR! Haha, I just had to let that out. What is a day in the life of Trevor Johnson like?
Trevor: Well, it could vary but basically I wake up dumb early compared to all my friends everyday even weekends like 7-8am, I go get the paper and a coffee, eat breakfast, go online and look for things I can flip for money and contact them and usually buy it and sell it before noon and noone is usually up yet lol. So I either keep hustling/working (yes legally) haha and I try to skate every single day. I actually feel weird if I don’t go out for at least a 1 hr ledge session at minimum, so basically in short wake up,cake up,skate stuff.

SUAS: “Wake up, cake up and skate stuff” is my new motto. Thank you for introducing that phrase to me haha. I see that on a t-shirt in the future.
Trevor: Hahaha, I just made it up now. It is kinda sick I’m gunna run with it.

SUAS: Can you name some skaters who inspired you or that you looked up to when you were coming up?
Trevor: Wow there are really so many but pro wise Colin Kelso, Aragon, Feinberg all time fav Billy Prislin, my old skate friends Billy Posner…my brothers both skate so they inspire me but as of my tight friends I love Soto’s, Velez’s, Sal Sazo’s, Bobby Rechiel’s, Neil Diskins, Joey G’s, both Shawn and Sean G’s skating…I could go on and on Guppie, Fish, Nunez, etc.

SUAS: I am impressed with the fact that you have been doing Switch-Spin Tricks. That makes you a dangerous person to skate after in a game of SKATE or even a comp for that matter. Are there any switch spin-tricks that you are working on?
Trevor: I did a switch 5kg the other day on a downrail so I think that was cool but im kinda tryin to stay away from the od spin this spin that, I like a tru fish over 450 tricks any day.

SUAS: I agree, solid balanced tricks are where it’s  at. Where will Trevor Johnson be in rolling 5 years from now?
Trevor: Probably still strong 5 yrs is nothing haha, 10 yrs will prob be way more just whenever I get a chance to get out and skate for a few and chill, watching the younger kids take over but im not ready to do that just yet haha jk.

SUAS: Haha, I hear that 10 years isn’t that bad. I hope my body allows me to skate for 10 more years! Any parting words or shout-outs?
Trevor: Yeyeyeye aight thanks to anyone who supports me, Mom and Dad and bros, wuttup c, shouts to Denial, Genre, Remz and I’d like to say R.I.P. to COZMIK, keep rollin everyone! Peace and thanks for chosing me to do an interview on LB lets never take another 24hr bus ride again hahaha……….1 love…peace
front farf to fakie geoff

photos: Switch Top Mistrial & Backslide by Angelo Ferrer

photos: Front Farv to Fakie by Geoff


Trevor Johnson September edit from sean ashby on Vimeo.


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  3. this guy is sick
    even more cool because he is humble about it with all that talent
    glad to get to know this guy a bit more

  4. Nico IDC SB Says:

    trevors the mannn mad funny he looks like a character from team america world police

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