Urban Rolling Skateshop “Opening Day” Photos

Urban Rolling Skateshop opened it’s doors on Monday, November 2nd in Downtown Long Beach, California. ShutupandSKATE & The LB-CAM was there to capture some pics for those that didn’t make it. Enjoy!

Urban Rolling Skateshop storefront


Co-Owner Sean Wicks caught off-guard by the LB-CAM


Local customer checking out the first arrival of skates and deciding which ones to try on


Sean Wicks providing that excellent customer service


Nice glass tower of products


CALI Legend Ranier Paramide stopped by to check out some skates


A sneak peek into the loaded stock room


Another sneak peek just for you 😉


LARJ outside caught Twittering his whereabouts


Goodies behind the glass


The hottest shirt in the shop.......Support Vibralux 😉


6 Responses to “Urban Rolling Skateshop “Opening Day” Photos”

  1. hahaha i looked at every pic like i wasnt there

  2. Nice, shop looks good guys. Super Legit. Congratulations!

  3. we will have the usds and xsjado skates in end of november also aragon 3s coming soon, http://www.urbanrolling.com website up soon

  4. Yo, much props, wishing ya mad success.

  5. You might want to think about carrying rollerskates and roller derby gear. Fastest growing sport in US…and we need a place to buy stuff and get skates repaired…The place looks great!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing, here we learn about very well features. Can’t wait to see what you write about. Go for it!

    Follow me on Twitter

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