Tee, Prince Aragon & myself at Montreal Classic Afterparty


I remember first meeting Tee Tirado while I was hosting & judging a “King Of The Street” comp back in 2001 at Chelsea Piers Skatepark. She definitely stood out because she was the only Woman skating with a fresh new pair of SHIMA 1’s rolling around on the Piers……not to mention the ONLY Woman skating. She approached me and told me about a new skateshop that just opened up in Perth Amboy, New Jersey called “Spoiled Brat Skateshop” ( that was the original spelling of it ). She hooked me up with a S.B. shop shirt to wear while I was judging and we instantly became great friends. I easily decided to showcase Spoil’d Bratt Sk8 Shop on this rolling blog since Tee is one of the few ladies holding it down in this rolling industry for years. She is definitely a cut above the rest. Tee is highly driven, focused, always on top of things and one of the first to sponsor a comp with products. And what she does for her shop team is impressive as you soon will learn 😉

Enter: Tee Tirado & Spoil’d Bratt SK8shop

SUAS: What’s up Tee! It’s been a long while, why don’t you introduce yourself with a quick bio so those not familiar with you can catch up.

Tee: Well, what can I say?  Hmm well, I’m a native NUYORICAN raised in BROOKLYN, don’t get it twisted, Bushwick/Ridgewood section, big ups ‘n shout out to Puntman Park, Knickerbocker Park, Bleecker Street, Knickerbocker Ave and Myrtle Ave!

Joined the military at age 17, served 12 yrs, served as a Military Clerk for 3.5 yrs, reenlisted into Signal then volunteered for Drill Sergeant duty (serviced 3 yrs as a basic training DI) trained 2yrs training Male trainees, 1yr as a reception DI – processed Females through initital training, getting their uniforms and shyt, and also as a Fitness Instructor at the FitCo (aka Fat Farm).  I was scheduled to attend Jump School (AIRBORNE), you know, jumping out of a perfectly good plane, lol but Drill Sergeant school’s schedule conflicted, good thing cause I injured my knee during an all star softball game, so it would had been difficult training & jumping around. I also serviced my country in Desert Shield & Desert Storm in 1990-91 and left the Army for civil life in Mar 1992 – 4 months after the birth of my son NICO.

SUAS: Wow, now that is an impressive Military resume. Basically, it boils down to the fact that you are not someone to be messing with! ( Just to let everybody know ANTHONY SOTO tried to sneak up on Tee with a paintball gun and in a hearbeat Tee twisted his arm and had the paintball gun pointed  to his head haha. I seen this with my own eyes! ) There is a lot of rolling in your blood, can you break down the history of rolling that is in the Tirado Family?

Tee: Well, it’s La Rosa, Tirado and Crespo, we have our own mixing pot, lol. My mom was an amateur speed skater in Puerto Rico in the late ’40’s, so naturally she got us rolling (me & my siblings, 7 in total) All of us, except one, rolled on a regular.  We grew up in the ROLLA DISCO era (mid – late 70’s) and frequent Park Circle Roller Disco in Ft. Hamilton section in Brooklyn – the FT, Hamilton F train stop, lol!  Shyt you bringing up mad memories!  I remember, saving up my change to go skating!!!!  Nico and I spent a lot of time skating.  We sk8’d a marathon in NY , MS fundraiser and the Easter Seal fundraiser in which we got to skate thru the Lincoln Tunnel into Hoboken to the port and then got on the ferry to World Trade Center (They were still standing) along the Westside Highway back to Chelsea Piers. For some time in Nico’s early childhood we frequented the South Amboy Skating Rink. Then Nico started aggressive inline skating at 6 and he started teaching me basic tricks when I was 41. Lol, and I mean basic tricks, soul, acid, pornstar, makio, frontside and royal….shyt I did it but it hurt to learn royales.  It hurt so much, it took numerous tries and Steve helping to learn them.

SUAS: I guess it is safe to say that SB is skater-owned and run haha. How did Spoild Bratt SK8Shop come into fruition?

Tee: Well, Moms didn’t stop her rolla dreams with us, after Nico was born, it was on again.  So of course, she found some Fisher Price inline skates, I believe at a yard sale or something, I know they weren’t new, lol. Shyt, Nico was younger than 3 , if that! By the age of six he was doing roller hockey, spinning and skating backwards, lol. He’s going to kill me for this! Hahhahaha, all this baby talk!  anyway, After watching “Brinks” on TV he wanted to aggressive inline, dam was it hard finding an aggressive skate shop!!  So I opted for Rollerblade Swindlers from Sports Authority, 2 sizes big, ha,ha.  So to answer, the question, lol- Nico’s love for skating brought the shop about.  On the real, real, not only did we love skating, but on the strength or lack of; a local shop – well not really local about 20 miles away & not really having much inventory especially of Razors, shyt, I saw the demand, especially since Tuesday never came, lol – they used to tell me”Tuesday, they’ll be in,”  but Tuesday never came. We were looking to get a Sk8park going, in the process we incorporated a shop idea, well as of right now, it’s just a shop.

SUAS: Being a Woman in the rolling industry is a rarity, and being a successful one at that is even more rare. What keeps you motivated?

Tee: Ahh, I don’t know what you mean, by successful, but being a woman in the industry, now that you mention it, is a rarity, however, I never looked at it that way, as I never, look at it as being the only or one of the very few in anything, I do. I always considered myself one of the “Fellas” hahahahaha. Growing up in BK, I was the only female in many things except for when my Lil sis, Liz joined me. Plus it’s natural for me, being one of the fellas since I grew up with 4 brothers, 5 male cousins, 2 male uncles and their friends!

Wow, what keeps me motivated? hmm, many things keeps me motivated, but mainly it’s just the love of the sport and seeing kids and adults faces light up went they enter the shop!


SUAS: Oh, I meant successful since Spoild Bratt Skateshop has been around going on 9 years come January. In this industry that is longer than a majority of the  companies that you carry in the shop. Much love and respect for that.

Spoild Bratt Sk8shop also has a  shop team, can you update us on who exactly is on the official S.B. roster now?


Team A:

Mike Hazard (aka Hazard) South NJ

Steve Nichols (often asked if he’s Shia LaBeouf – you know the guy from Transformers & Eagle Eye) Central NJ

Kevin Lebron

Wilkes Barre, PA

Jon Morciglio (My other son by anotha mother) NYC, CA

Tim Franken North NJ

Team B:

Edwin Thomas

Max Roman

Ray Gerena

Ben Guarino

And you of course!

Ramelle Knight & Sam Williams from |B| Unique rep but I haven’t heard from them in a while. Hey Ramelle & Sam wadaup? Holla

SUAS: That’s right, I’m SB4Life! I’ve been there from the beginning days! You do an amazing job of supporting your team riders, can you elaborate on some of the unique opportunities the you provide for your team?

Tee: Well, when the shop was flourishing and all the funds went right back into the business, I paid for my riders comp fees, took them to the comps and paid the lodging.  But the most invaluable opportunity, I think I offer is exposure to the Big Heads of the industry – the Andy’s, Jon Julio, Azikwee’s, the Mac and pros. I like to think that I act as a mentor, too. I don’t only support my riders in skating, but with school, girl problems, family and anything they’re willing to come to me about. I consider the skate team my fam, as you know!  I remember, on a trip to BCSD, helping Jon Morciglio with some homework. I am a Performance Coach as well, so I use my skills from that training to assist as many as I can not just my team. Alot of times, I find myself assisting parents of my customers with issues as well. ( Tee also worked with Jon Morciglio on a t-shirt that was sold to help him with his College fees )


Jon Morciglio tee in which 25% of sales went to his College Fees

 SUAS: How does it feel to know that in all those edits that I see you filming in I call you “The Little Puerto Rican Lady With The Big Camera”?

Tee: How does it feel, that I’m in a lot of edits or that you call me “The Little Puerto Rican Lady With The Big Camera”?  Well, I don’t have that camera anymore! Well I have it but it’s not in working condition, team members blame each other as to who fu%$ed it up. But it’s cool, you my boy.

SUAS: Do you have any big plans for S.B. in the upcoming year?

Tee: Hmm, I’m always doing something new in Spoildbratt, we added other industries now for example. We now carry skateboarding stuff, scooter and BMX!  I tried being  just an AGGRESSIVE INLINE shop but it wasn’t working, it was a real struggle.  To be on the real real, if it wasn’t for the scooter crowd, shop would had been closed months back. Shyt, right now, I feel like I’m always catching up. We have a BMX team of 2 of the nastiest riders in Amboy, Johnny Graham & Jesse Valdes and we also have a scooter rider Jaron Berry no relation to Halle Berry lol. Now families can shop for all their kids aggressive sports in one shop.  Ohh, yea, we’re opening a SPOILDBRATT outlet @ a  local Flea Market on a trial basis every Sunday in  November, selling older style skates, used skates and other products at deep discount prices. The Flea Market is the Avenel Outdoor Flea Market near the Rahway Prison, so that the locales know and just in case you’re in Central NJ!.

 SUAS: Many people don’t know this but S.B. also does embroidery, stitching and all of that. Can you give us a little insight into this addition to the shop?

Tee: Oh that?! Well, that was an iDentity Clothing thing which, I called ID @ SPOILDBRATT. But now we have a storefront for Identity Clothing adjacent to SB and by the way, we now go by THE IDENTITY CLOTHING CO. But holla at Nico about ID.

SUAS: Nico’s interview is coming up soon ; ) He’s the youngest in the game with a company.  If someone wants to ride for your shop how can they go about doing that?

Tee: Just keep sk8ing and don’t ask! When we’re looking for riders; we will find you!  Lemme straight out the myth about who we sponsor. we sponsor from all ethnicity group on the contrary to what people say n think, that we only sponsor Latinos.  Naturally, we are going to sponsor Latinos, as I am LATINA and I love my people but it’s not a requirement to ride for us.

 SUAS:  Any shout-outs or last words?

Tee: Shout out and much love goes out to my first rider and the one that put us on the map Felix “Philly G” Guzman! I love you and miss you. Holla back. Been looking for you on AIM to no avail! Big thanks to my pride and joy, da apple of my eye; Nico for bringing me back to ROLLING, Ramelle Knight n Sam Williams, holla. Love to my sk8fam and thank you for reppin’ SB, without ya where would we be? Thank you to the rolling industry for always showing me love. BIG thanks and love to you Lord Brian for your everlasting love & support! Thank you Victor Callender for your love and passion for the sport and what you do to keep the sport of Rolling alive. Ray Mendez, just cuz I always think of you when it comes to rolling.  I want to thank the pros and amateur rollas that keep the rolling going as they do what they do so passionately! Brian Aragon for being the amazing skater and genuine person you are, thank you. Dreski!! luv ya, Murda holla!  Jon Morciglio, I miss you. And the BIGGEST thank you to our CUSTOMERS!!!!!!


Me & Tee chilling in Staten Island after the Last Man Standing Comp

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  1. hell ye, WHATS UP TEE! Interview was dope!

  2. Crazy, im just as old as her son, i want my mom to have a skateshop and support rolling for sure.
    much respect.

  3. THX you for reading and the comments!

  4. Evelyn Rose Says:

    Tee, So proud of you girl! Awesome to hear about your sk8shop and how you’ve used all you’ve learned to make a difference in your area!

    You go girl!


  5. holding it down fo sho Tee

  6. Hey T! – looking forward to workin with you!

    I am a veteran (and current Reserve Soldier) – 19D all the way!



    Nice interview – DRILL SERGEANT!!!!!

    • Thx Mark! What rank you obtained? I’m SSG! LOL

      • LOL just a lowly specialist – but i get my 5 in Feb. (had a 20 year break in service!) I was in the Cold War – lol! 1986 – 1989…then got out and stayed over here in Germany which is good, cause i got to get with USD in 98! I want to make my 7 though at some point. Holla!

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  9. Thx for reading it and your comment!

  10. being new to the BMX world, I would like to ask you what you think a crucial bmx items to always have on hand besides, grips, spokes and tubes?

  11. I love it when individuals come together and share thoughts.
    Great website, keep it up!

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