Sounding off against the B.Unique “Experts”

After reading through a recent B.Unique post I decided to clarify some of the things that I have been reading  that the other B.Unique “experts” posted…did you catch the sarcasm haha. I say “experts” because when it comes to B.Unique there seems to be alot of experts that seem to know EVERYTHING about the company. So, just for you I am taking on some of the funniest misconceptions that I have read and providing you with my honest response with the facts that I know.

B.Unique sold the company
I’m sorry to disappoint you but Courtney Brown & Chris Brown are the ONLY owners of B.Unique.

B.Unique doesn’t support rollerblading
B.Unique&Co. is a skater-owned company that makes clothes for skaters, has a team of skaters, sponsors rollerblading competitions and builds skateparks for skaters and they still don’t support rollerblading? Hmm……funny. How many other companies would spend that huge amount of money for a skatepark and the insurance that goes with it 😉

B.Unique steals designs
Wow, I thought that whole Krew ordeal was over. But seriously, look at every B.Unique design that has ever come out and you tell me how many designs were copied. If they made their own version of something and converted it to rollerblading I personally don’t find it troublesome since it’s not a constant occurrence and it has been done before by companies in the industry. If you want to get technical about it, during the mid-90’s Senate took designs from companies such as Crayola and turned it into packaging design and everybody was on the jock. Another example is the stripes phase. There were multiple companies putting out shirts with simple stripes going across the shirt and it was recieved pretty well eventhough 4 or 5 companies had the same basic design. If the finger is going to get pointed, don’t aim at only 1 direction.

F_ck B.Unique&Co.
The feeling is probably mutual 😉

B.Unique is a hip-hop clothing company
Well, they do like hip-hop music but if you pick up any B.Unique dvd you can easily see the variety in their musical taste. Baggy clothes doesn’t mean hip-hop all the time. And there hasn’t been a shirt produced bigger than a XL for a few years now. And pretty much every company goes up to an XL…even the skin-tight shirts.

Only sell-outs wear B.Unique
Funny, if you really think about it there has been photos and footage of skaters such Dre Powell, Rob Guerrero, Rachard Johnson, Mike Johnson, Dominic Sagona, & Cossimo Tassone just to name a few, wearing the threads. That seems like a damn accomplished group of respected skaters to be called “sell-outs”.

B.Unique is too expensive
Open up the new Roller Warehouse catalog and observe the prices of rollerblading products. If you can afford a $350 pair of skates then you can afford a $24 shirt. If price is really an issue because of the economy than I highly suggest that you take advantage of the 50% off discount on B.Unique&Co. clothing that Roller Warehouse is offering. You can’t beat shirts for the price of $7 or $12.

B.Unique is a hipster brand
There has been companies making tighter fitting clothing for years and it was perfectly fine. During that time B.Unique was making the baggier fit and caught heat for it. So, they conformed to make some more tighter fitting shirts and they still caught heat for it. You can’t please everybody haha.

Any more questions? Please send them to…as a matter of fact please SHUTUPANDSKATE 😉


4 Responses to “Sounding off against the B.Unique “Experts””

  1. Haha the lord has spoken. Repent!

  2. hahah get em LB!

  3. Well Put all these guys that talk shit about |B| Only do so because they suck at life.

  4. So just to get this straight and from what you know, is b.unique out of buissness or are they still making clothing?

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