“Valo Brand” deconstructed A.B. 1 review

This is an in-depth review of a Valo
( A.B.1 ) skate with the hopes of answering any questions regarding Valo skates that anybody on the fence about getting them may have. This is an unbiased review. So, without further ado, S.U.A.S. presents…

Valo ( A.B.1 ) “The Good, The Bad & The Fugly”

Style Points
* Valo’s are pretty much the most stylish skates out on the market today. With all of the different models, color-ways & limited editions there is a pair for even the most descriminatory palet. The A.B.1 is no exception.

Outer Skin
* The A.B.1 skin is comprised of a durable light breathable leather. The Zebra pattern is nicely placed around the lacing system with no overkill on the design. I also notice the attention to detail with the Dark Blue double-stitching on most of the outer skin.

Lacing System
* The Valo outer-skin comes with a 10-hole lacing system but you don’t really need to tinker around with it since the inner boot can be laced up to your liking if you require a more snug fit when you skate. So, you have 3 lacing possibilities if you choose to lace both the outer skin and inner boot.

Buckle System
* The Memory Buckle System keeps your skates at your desired flex. It only has to be set once which is very convenient. Just put your skates on, find your preferred flex setting and that’s it. I’m on my 5th pair of Valo’s and my buckle has NEVER came loose. The only time you have to reset is if you let someone try on your skates and they start adjusting it to their own needs, which is sometimes annoying 😉

* I’m currently riding the stock liners since they feel pretty good and have come a long way. They are thin when compared to 2nd party liners out there but they do the job for me. The design of them are White with a Black snake skin design which is pretty clean and simple but works in the end.

Insoles & Heel Pad
* This is my only gripe with these otherwise amazing skates. The insoles are very thin and feel like a mesh of a Dr. Scholl’s footpad with a piece of cardboard glued underneath. Mine for some reason always shift up when I put my foot into the skate resulting in an uncomfortable feeling at the front of my toes. I have no idea why it was made this way but a good remedy to the problem is by just replacing it with a nice and comfy footbed.

The Heelpad is built into the insole. It is pretty small but I do give it credit for being gel-soft. It just needs to be much bigger if its purpose is to absorb the shock of big landings.

Overall Fit
* Valo’s fit a size under since they are kind of narrow. I’m a size 9 but a size 10 in Valo’s fit me great. My feet aren’t too wide so the width of the skates fit just right.

The Soul & Negative Space
* The Soulplate itself is a 3-piece but it feels flush as if it was a 1-piece soul. It is pretty durable and can easily be replaced when needed.

The Soul space is a good comfortable size. It slides smooth and fast on handrails, coping and ledges with ease. It provides a good steady controlled grind on anything that you skate. There is no problem locking on obstacles as well. You will feel secure which adds to increased style on tricks.

The Negative space isn’t too shabby either and slides as beautiful as the souls do.

Royale Groove
* The Royale Groove comes with a nice preset area for you to Royale or Farv right out-the-box. The groove is deep so there will be no problem getting used to the lock. The groove area is slightly thicker than the rest of the area so it has an extra lift to it making it stand out more. The end result is balance on boot tricks is easier with such a deep groove.

* Compared to the other skate brands out there Valo is a bit on the heavier side but it’s not a big deal. When they are on your feet they feel good and comfy, not bulky. I don’t feel weighed down at all. Most of the weight is from the soul plate anyway. Who knows, maybe a lighter soul plate may even be in the works soon 😉

* To put it blunt, I simply love Valo’s. I have been riding them since the first boots and I haven’t looked back since. If you never tried on a pair to see how they perform then I suggest that you give it a try. They are a great durable solid skate that is definitely worth trying out. And with affordable price points you can find yourself a great skate within your budget.

Viva La Valo!


2 Responses to ““Valo Brand” deconstructed A.B. 1 review”

  1. Thats whats up. That skate is probably the most common of all the models i think.

  2. “maybe a lighter soul plate may even be in the works soon ”
    you said that because you want the soul plate to be lighter or there is really a new soul plate in the works ?

    anyways i own this skate and they are excellent, good review also !

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