Add me on “ELIMINATE PRO”!

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know…this has nothing to do with skating but so does about 50% of topics discussed on messageboards so get over it 🙂

If any of you fellow rollas & rollettes have an iPod Touch/iPhone then I highly suggest that you download a great “FREE” game called ELIMINATE PRO. It is easily my most played App since I can play anybody across the globe. It is highly addicting and if you liked the HALO series then you will love this game. Besides, I rather get destroyed by a fellow skater than by some random person that I don’t even have a clue about haha. If you decide to download it then add me so we can play or even set-up a team game by inviting other skaters to the massacre.

My ELIMINATE PRO username is: LordDrol

Here is a sample of the gameplay if you are still on the fence…come on…it’s FREE 😉


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