S.U.A.S. Contest #3 “Best Trick on a Box or Slider Bar”

S.U.A.S. Contest #3 is brought to you by the letters “NT”, the good people over at Neglected Truth ( www.neglectedtruth.com ) & ShutupandSKATE!

With the holiday season approaching rapidly ShutupandSKATE & Neglected Truth have put together our collective minds to come up with this contest for one lucky skater who will WIN a $50 Gift Certificate to Neglected Truth Skateshop!

So without further ado we proudly present: S.U.A.S. Contest #3 “Best Trick on a BOX or Slider  Bar”

#1. ONE entry per skater
#2. It must be a single clip ( which you can easily upload to either Youtube or Vimeo )
#3. PLEASE email clip to S.U.A.S. at: pleaseshutupandskate@yahoo.com & to Neglected Truth at: info@neglectedtruth.com ( it is VERY IMPORTANT that you email your clip to us BOTH )
#4. All clips must be submitted by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9th


3 Responses to “S.U.A.S. Contest #3 “Best Trick on a Box or Slider Bar””

  1. I am intrigued by this contest. think I might participate.

  2. mike hazard Says:

    if it dont snow on sat and its not to cold and my bones dont hurt im in

  3. ryan dsouza Says:

    I’m in.

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