R E S P E C T Mike Hazard

Alley-Oop Topsoul from bank

Full Name: Michael Scott Hazard
Age: 29
Representing: Long Branch, New Jersey
Years Skating: 15 Aggressive, 19 in total
Sponsors: Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop ( www.sk8-spoiledbrat.com ) Razors ( www.razorskate.com ) & iDentity Clothing ( www.identityclothing.net 

Negative Top Mistrial

          Mike Hazard but more well-known by his last name “Hazard” is a Triple O.G. in the New Jersey rolling scene and definitely deserves respect for being one of the original skaters that helped mold the N.J. rolling scene from it’s start. I have skated with him too many times to remember and he amazes me every single time. He still skates with the fire of a young buck coming up trying to make a name for himself. And speaking of names, with a name like Mike Hazard you are destined to be good at something. His name stands out and so does his skating.

R E S P E C T Mike Hazard!

540 over the Pyramid

Here is some Hazard-History…

          Mike Hazard was born on a planet called Brooklyn but is now living in Long Branch, New Jersey where it has been his home for practically his whole life. Mike first fell upon skating at the age of 10 when a pair of Veraflex first blessed his curious feet. Remember Veraflex? Mike had the old school Black, Purple & Neon Green ones! Rolling around back and forth in these skates sparked the interest that would eventually lead to him finding aggressive skating. At the age of 12 years old Mike got bit by the Street Hockey bug and played it until he was about 14-15 years old. It is in his mid-teens where he fell in love with aggressive skating and hasn’t looked back since.

Fakie 360 Handplant

          Mike has a huge love for skating that is just as strong as the first day that he fell in love with this amazing sport. Aside from being sponsored by Spoild Bratt Sk8shop he is also the Team Manager. If you ever take a trip to Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop you may even catch him working behind the counter. Razors are currently Mike’s skate sponsor but over the years he has rode for USD, Deshi & Remz. He is happiest at the moment with his current skate sponsor since Razors are by far his hands-down favorite and their treatment of their riders keeps him very satisfied. Mike’s current set-up is the Brian Aragon 3 SL boot with Purple parts & a GT Genesis Boot with souls on the negative side ( keep an eye out for an edit on Razor News about that ).

          All in all, I have to give it up for Hazard, he is a great skater, a cool person to hang out with after a skating session and an all around positive influence on the growing N.J. scene. Definetly, recognize & RESPECT Hazard.

Hazard with one of his unique Razor creations

COPY & PASTE the  LINK BELOW to Mike Hazards Youtube page with an exclusive “ShutupandSKATE” edit!


7 Responses to “R E S P E C T Mike Hazard”

  1. Thank you Mike was being the great guy you are, for reppping Spoildbratt & IDentity like you do, I love you !

  2. Much Love for Lord Brian!! I have a few things to send you. I’m making some shirts this wkend then on Monday the package goes out. I wanna make sure I have shirts your size.

  3. Mike’s definitely got skillz to pay the muthasuckin billz. Original Team Mother gangsta!

  4. Steve Nichols Says:

    Your the man mike!!!

  5. i respect mike hazard 😉

  6. I’ve known Mike for about 3 years now, he’s a cool dood. Great skater overall in street and park, I got much love & respect for him.

  7. David Weir Says:

    It’s funny looking back skating with ronney ryan phil and all them other sk8rz back in the day man. Never thought Id see someone get paid to do what they love. Well Mike, you earned it man. Sick ass style and consistent. Pretty cool to see what u started out with and what you now have. Mad props. Dude you rock, keep on rollin.


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