Hear it from…Trevor Johnson

ShutupandSKATE caught up with Trevor Johnson right as he recieved his package from Create Originals to give us his first impressions on these “hot off the presses”  frames. Let’s hear it straight from Trevor Johnson.

Trevor’s C.O. package

SUAS: How did you get hooked up with a fresh pair of Create Originals?
TREVOR JOHNSON: Well basically, I hit up Billy one day and he just asked me for my addy and size, haha it’s never usually that easy but its awesome.

SUAS: What frames were you riding before and how does Create Originals compare to them?
TREVOR JOHNSON: I was rocking G.C. Featherlite’s  before I got my Create Originals package and I’d say G.C.’s are the best 2nd to these frames so far.  C.O. frames are able to be customized, they slide better, f eel more durable, and are produced by skaters….you can’t beat it.

SUAS: In your opinion what makes these frames one of the best on the market?
TREVOR JOHNSON: I’d say originality, and I can honestly say I love how they slide. They look dope, plus you can easily skate them freestyle and that’s my fav.

Trevor holding up the Billy O’Neill Pro C.O. frame

SUAS: What was the first thing that you did when you received your package from Create Originals?
TREVOR JOHNSON: I always get excited so I ripped it right open, thought about how I could skate these and what designs I could make.  But I ended up just throwing  them right on and skated my curb out front then went to a close by ledge to break them in.

SUAS: How do these frames perform on ledges, rails and park?
TREVOR JOHNSON: I’m not much of a Park skater so I haven’t been there yet but on Rails and Ledges they have no flaw.  The bolts are placed deep in the frames so you get no scraping or resistance and the pre-groove holds you perfect on rails.

A pic of Trevor’s frames before he decides what custom inserts to make.

SUAS: Are you riding them Flat, Anti-Rocker or Tri-Rocker?
TREVOR JOHNSON: Actually neither haha, I’m skating them 2 wheels with middle inserts. I have the Billy O’ Neill graphics inside for now and I’m just enjoying them for a while before I draw up some custom graphics.

SUAS: Any ideas for your frame inserts?
TREVOR JOHNSON: I’m thinking of a gambling theme since I play a lot of cards, dice, roulette lol I’m always in Atlantic City.

Try out a pair and SUPPORT CREATE ORIGINALS @ http://www.createoriginals.com


2 Responses to “Hear it from…Trevor Johnson”

  1. I need to get a pair. Everyone says they are the best

  2. Roll®BladeA Says:

    Nice! i might crank out some inserts for that dude TJ

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