K2 makes Eco-Friendly Skates

          ShutupandSKATE & The LB-CAM visited Urban Rolling Skateshop
 www.urbanrolling.com located in Downtown, Long Beach this past weekend. While in the shop The LB-CAM came across the K2 Maia which is one of K2’s entry skates’ into the Eco-Friendly market. After taking a good look at these skates I was instantly impressed.

Here are the skate specs:
100% Bamboo Frame
100% Post Consumer Recycled PET Liner
100% Post Industrial Recycled PET Mesh
100% Laces Made From Recycled PET
100% PVC Free
PET stands for Polyethylene Terepthalate…just in case you were wondering )

          What impressed me even more is the fact that not only are these skates Eco-Friendly, but K2 also donates a portion of the Woman’s skate sales to these organizations that are committed to finding a cure for breast cancer:
Breast Cancer Research Foundation  www.bcrfcure.org/
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation  www.cbcf.org/

K2’s Statement Regarding These Skates:
          “Eco skates are just one of the first steps K2 has taken to integrate sustainable materials into our product lines. We believe no step is too small and it is never too late to start saving our planet”

Click the link below for some interesting information about these skates


One Response to “K2 makes Eco-Friendly Skates”

  1. Roll®BladeA Says:

    Sweet! I’ve been thinking about how we can create more sustainable skates and skate recycling. Cradle to Cradle!

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