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Congratulations to JC ROWE!

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          When I woke up to the news of JC ROWE being named the newest Xsjado Pro I was VERY happy. JC has been holding it down for years. I first heard of JC ROWE while he was an AM rider for RB at the time when they re-introduced the new TRS skate with the replaceable overskins. I finally met him for the 1st time at a comp in Detroit at Airborne years ago where he amazed me with his all-around skills. He could pretty much skate everything with ease. He definitely was the stand-out skater at the park.

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“It’s All Good”…FULL MOVIE…Enjoy!

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          This is a great definitive look into the early progressive years of Rollerblading (1997) and some of the originators that sacrificed their well-being to take it to another level for the future of our sport. This film has sentimental value to me because these are the people that I came up watching, meeting, skating with and eventually personally knowing. It brings back a flood of memories seeing my peers in their prime while building this sport that we all know and love! Continue reading

ShutupandSKATE Create Originals Insert #2!

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          This pair of Create Originals inserts was designed by my bro Stefan Brandow. for my Valo A.B. 1 skates. These will be the inserts that I will be using if I get the  Black Create Originals frames. A nice Black, Red & White color scheme to match my Broskies 😉
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Exclusive Gregory Preston **EDIT**

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          ShutupandSKATE is proud to present an exclusive edit from my lil’ bro GREGORY PRESTON representing Long Beach, California and his new sponsor Urban Rolling Skateshop ( ). Eventhough Gregory has some unique tricks that always makes you ask “What was that?” it’s his great attitude towards rollerblading and constant smile on his face that always keeps the mood of the session positive. Much love and respect Gregory! Continue reading

A Street Mechanics Tribute to LB!

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          I came across this tribute from my brother Michael Scott-Peterson over at Street Mechanics Apparel ( )  not too long ago. It caught me by surprise because he didn’t tell me that he was putting this together for me and I highly appreciate it because I am not anyone special. I just have an undying love for this sport that will never go away so I do my part in contributing so that this sport can continue to flourish as long as it possibly can. A big THANK YOU goes out to Mike SP for the Tribute! Continue reading

Michael Scott-Peterson breaking down Street Mechanics

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          ShutupandSKATE would like to welcome a great friend of mine who has been representing Rollerblading & the New Jersey scene for over a decade. He is the Founder & Organizer of the “Street Mechanics Real Street Competition” series, the mind behind the Street Mechanics Blogspot which has all types of rollerblading news from across the globe and he is also the man behind the newly minted Street Mechanics Apparel.

I Introduce to you Michael Scott-Peterson.
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USD “KILLA BEEZ” touches down at Urban Rolling Skateshop

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          ShutupandSKATE & The LB-CAM visited Urban Rolling Skateshop (  a few weeks ago to check out the arrival of the Demetrious George “Killa Beez” USD’s first hand. And I have to say that eventhough I am not a big fan of the color Yellow these skates look pretty good in person. If I was to ride these skates I would hook up a White cuff, White Liners, Yellow Laces and White Back Soul Plate and I’ll be rolling in style 😉

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