Truth 2: Deconstructed

          Not another Truth 2 review!…Well, it’s not really a review; it’s just my own personal opinion on the hottest rollerblading DVD out right now. So, grab your forks and knives, tuck that napkin inside of your shirt collar and let’s dig in.



          The Truth 2 opens up with the Intro/Opening introducing the cast & crew of this 2nd installment of the Truth series mixed in with a nice photogenic montage which includes various shots of Metropolitan architecture resembling places that these skaters have filmed and progressively skated in. A subtle and mellow NIN instrumental keeps everything together nicely for the calm before the storm..

…and the storm begins!


          When I hear the name Jon Jon, I think back to seeing a little kid killing it everywhere he skated doings tricks better than skaters with years of experience over him. When I see him now, I see a young man with a very seasoned skating style that is solid beyond his years. John definitely took advantage of the situation of being included in this film and having his section 1st, setting the tone of the film. He has a nice mixture of spins, gaps, grinds, even a handplant mixed in this section. I swear this kid can 720 over and out of anything with ease. Jon Jon definitely has left an impression on me with this section.

WOW: True Mizou 720 Out on a High Ledge


          Franco is what I like to call “Your favorite skaters’, favorite skater”. He has always been a progressive skater who is constantly seeking ways to skate differently while pushing the creativity envelope as far as he can go. He’s already dropped plenty of hammers over the years so with this section he switches it up a bit, turning the creativity level up while blending old school and new school tricks resulting in a skating style all his own. Just look at the last trick in his section and think how long it takes to master control like that.

WOW: Balanced Rough Makio down Hand Rail


          Austin Paz is a steez ninja. He puts his smooth skating style into every trick that he does and his landings are one of the most naturally controlled out there. In his section he throws in several fun little lines as well as creativity with his Shaolin style. Austin attacks all kinds of obstacles with a knack for skating some big ledges with nasty drops on either side. This is a good solid section all around. And besides, anybody the can Alley Oop Top Porn 360 Out a ledge and have a Woman hand you a nice cold one afterwards is the man in my book.

WOW: True Top Soul Mute 180 over rail across Big Ledge

**Short interlude showcasing scenic views from Niagra Falls.

(I really need to see this place for myself, looks amazing)**

Murda Johnson

          Mike Johnson is a unique character. He is one of the few Pro rollerbladers out there that is cool enough to have his own action figure. Mike has been criticized over the years for having too many Soul grinds in his sections so it seems as if he has heard the complaints and addressed them with his skating. In this new section he is showing what he has been up to by adding unique twists to the way that he goes into and out of tricks. I personally don’t think Murda gets enough credit for his skating but he definitely deserves it. He laces a variety of tricks including some you may not have seen him do before. With his signature Murda style he represents and shows that he is still progressing and creating new ways to make his skating look even better.

WOW: Fakie 450 Back Farv Fakie Out on Ledge


          You competitive skaters should be happy that there are no more IMYTA’s because I would feel bad for anybody that has to go after SK. After conquering every 1-footed grind and variations it seems that Sean is now throwing together some nice Negatives in his never ending bag of tricks as well. And those Carbons has released a new energy in him which makes him spin those 720’s even easier. This section shows the tech skills that makes everyone step up their game and just when it seems like he can’t progress any further Sean takes to the air with wallrides, creative lines and even more rotations just to show diversity. Get your rewind button finger handy for this one.

WOW: Gap 360 Grabbed Makio 180 Out on Bottom Kink


          Montre = Dreads & Sunglasses. Well, obviously not just that. Montre goes big in his section as if he is trying to prove something. He laces big gaps with ease and steez while keeping his tech switch-ups on rails nearby. He seems to love big drops too, it must be the insoles. Montre makes me want to get up and skate since he is always smiling while having FUN skating which is why we all got into rollerblading to begin with. Between battling kids with Misty Flips over a Tripod to skating some mighty big obstacles Montre laced this section.

WOW: True Top Soul down Curved Flat Rail


          With friends like these who skate like this…there are alot of great skating thrown down in this montage from the likes of Jimmy Shuda, Steve Iacono, Brian Shima, Chris Chesire, Jeff Dalnas, Tim Adams and many more. You will definitely enjoy this one.


          This is the most anticipated section of the year due to the unfortunate circumstances that happened to Billy overseas. And we are taken back to that traumatic incident in a flashback sequence to remind everybody just how lucky Billy is to be here with us. After a monthly chronological countdown showing Billy killing time while healing up, his section begins with a bang. A couple surgeries later and I swear Billy is skating better than ever. He has not lost a step but instead gained plenty of steps. Billy unleashes a bunch of new tricks, spins over gaps, lines & creativity with his trademark style. I’m glad to see him skating again and this is the tip of the iceberg of what is coming next from Fish.

WOW: Huge Mute 540 over Fence from Natural Roll-In


          Gaps, Ledge to Gap, Gaps to Rails, Rails to Gaps, Lines & Rotations, all while skating some of the most unique obstacles in the DVD pretty much sum up Alex’s section. He proves once again why he is one of the most consistent and solid skaters in the game. Alex kills it and makes skating look easy. He is the Truth.

WOW: Disaster Zero Spin Fishbrain w/ Grab on Rail


          Colin was criticized for skating small stuff in his first Truth section. He was still lacing nonetheless. In this section though he takes his skating to a higher level. It’s a double-section with pretty much everything that you can ask for. Colin seems to be skating faster and harder than I’ve seen him skate in awhile. He is definitely out to prove doubters wrong. His wallrides shows that there is more to skating than just grinding. Colin is what I like to call “A Complete” skater since he can do it all, and do it all with this key element…Style.

WOW: Zero Spin Cross Grab Fish to Thread The Needle Out on Ledge


          This is a nice little goodbye montage ending this visual voyage with great skating from the whole Truth crew. You really can’t go wrong with any of these guys.

Final Verdict

          I suggest picking this DVD up and adding it to your rollerblading video collection. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a great ride from beginning to end and after watching it, it makes you want to strap on your skates and push yourself to a higher level. The last time I checked that is the ultimate satisfaction after watching a rollerblading film.

Running Time

          Around 50 Minutes give or take a few minutes. Not a bad length but seems shorter since you’ll be drawn into the skating going down.


– B-Roll

– Kelso USD Carbon Promo

– Truth Premier NJ

– 2008 BCSD

– Trailer 1 & 2


DVD case

          I am a proud rollerblading tradionalist that is unaffected by the free download era that we are in. I would rather have a physical copy in my hands than a digital copy on my desktop. That’s why I am happy to see that the Truth 2 DVD has kept the tradition of the gatefold cover initiated by The Truth. And the photo montages inside the cover is a cool treat as well.


          There was a noticeable attention to detail that I appreciated while watching this film. These guys put in work and their passion shows as an end result. The editing seemed to enhance the skating as opposed to just getting in the way of it. This team worked in unison and it shows. Good work guys!


          The footage look pretty crisp and filmed pretty good. I didn’t really notice any shakey hand syndrome either.


          Pretend there is a blender…now add artists such as RJD2, Slick Rick, The Police, Cool Kids, Foxboro Hot Tubs, with splashes of others here and there. The end result, is a musical selection derived of Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative Rock & Electronica. The music may not be for everybody but I’m pretty sure that you’ll be adding most of these songs to your iPod shortly.


6 Responses to “Truth 2: Deconstructed”


  2. dailydonedidit Says:

    sick review LB. havent seen it yet… but been wanting too. now im super hyped.

  3. hahahaha The plate was sick

  4. Ryan Timms Says:

    this made me want to buy it. =]

  5. aaron turner Says:

    whats the name of the track for the ending credits?////////

  6. in the section friends,what’s the second song after ain’t no love in the heart of the city

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