S.U.A.S. Contest #5 “People’s Choice T-Shirt Design”

ShutupandSKATE & The iDentity Clothing Co. proudly presents Contest #5…”People’s Choice T-Shirt Design”.

ShutupandSKATE & The iDentity Clothing Co. has collaborated to make this 1st “Give-Back” Contest of 2010 a unique opportunity geared to present up to 4 lucky Artists with a chance to have their Artwork become part of the iDentity Clothing Co. 2010 Line which will be printed up and available by the Bitter Cold Show Down!

Rules: Design must convey the slogan:

“Define Yourself,  Accept no one else’s definition of your life.”
Key Words: (Individuality, Distinctive Entity, Oneness, Self-hood and/or Uniqueness)

( Convert all fonts into curves )

The slogan or words may be included in the design…IDC and/or The Identity Clothing Co. MUST be included in the design in some fashion. The design is to be drawn in the size it’s to be printed; ( for example, if it is designed to be a full chest 12” x12” the measurement of the design must be 12” x12”)

Contest deadline:  Sunday, February 14, 2010

Submit all entries & questions to:
Tee Tirado: nico1191@hotmail.com

Acceptable File Type: Vector format (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop) versus a “Bitmap” format (internet images, .gif, .jpg, .bmp, jpeg, etc)

Resolution: 300 dpi

Color Palette: Spot Colors/ Pantone Matching System – Coated

Spot Color Vs Process Color

The 3 step selection process: 4 designs will be picked as winners; each participant may enter up to 4 designs!

1st phase: Based on Originality, Creativity, correct format of artwork and how well the theme is illustrated determines if the design forwards to next phase.

2nd phase: Designs will be posted on The Identity Clothing Co. website to undergo a voting poll.

Final phase: The 4 designs with the most votes are the winners.

The Artists of the winning design/s will receive $25 per design and T-shirts of all (4) winning designs. If all of your designs are selected as all of the top 4 designs, you have earned 5% of sales of the T-shirt line!


3 Responses to “S.U.A.S. Contest #5 “People’s Choice T-Shirt Design””

  1. Thx B for the post!

  2. I might get my hands in on this one. hmmm any specifications??

  3. haha never mind. I clicked on the link for it.

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