Michael Scott-Peterson breaking down Street Mechanics

          ShutupandSKATE would like to welcome a great friend of mine who has been representing Rollerblading & the New Jersey scene for over a decade. He is the Founder & Organizer of the “Street Mechanics Real Street Competition” series, the mind behind the Street Mechanics Blogspot http://streetmechanicsapparel.blogspot.com which has all types of rollerblading news from across the globe and he is also the man behind the newly minted Street Mechanics Apparel.

I Introduce to you Michael Scott-Peterson.

SUAS: What’s crack-a-lackin Mike, what has been going on in your world lately?
Mike SP:
Wow!!!! This is crazy, I am finally doing this right now! Everything is good, I moved up to PA and March will be about a year since I’ve been here.

SUAS: How is the skating scene out in PA compared to the skating scene in NJ?
Mike SP:
Where I’m at its non-existent! Unless you get in the car and drive. North East, PA has a few hidden spots but nothing too grand like the Bricks.

SUAS: I am not sure if people know this but you have been in the rolling game for a long time, how long have you been holding New Jersey down?
Mike SP: I have been rolling for 14 years…Damn I just did the math in my head! We young as hell.

SUAS: When we first met over 10 years ago you had a little crew with you. Are any of your original Jersey crew still skating after all of these years?
Mike SP: Yeah, S.O.N. (Skaters of Newark). My man Alex Gonzalez is doing good he’s a sous chef somewhere in West New Jersey. My lil cousin Mike is getting in my ass to get him some skates, he wants to make a comeback. Some went off to school and others faded back into the hood life when rolling started to loose its luster. I talk to them every now and then though, my homey Jake is out in Arizona right now he just graduated school and my boy Alex Perweiler he’s doing the art thing in NYC.

SUAS: Let’s talk about Street Mechanics. Street Mechanics is a company that you created many years ago but it seemed as if the timing wasn’t right. Can you give us the history behind your creation of Street Mechanics?
Mike SP:
Street Mechanics started as a comp that I was hosting in Newark. After the success of my second comp SMRSC II, I thought it would be cool to bring a little more to the table for Jersey because rolling kept me out of trouble growing up, but as we all know things happen and I had to put it on the back burner for a while. The important thing is through everything I never lost sight of this dream.

SUAS: There has been snags along the way on the production side of getting Street Mechanics Apparel ready for the masses. Would you like to address those issues?
Mike SP: Past production failures have been as much my fault as they were the fault of the people I was attempting to use at the time along with negative energy. I am happy to use some creditable people who have a solid interest of the product I want to produce because they themselves produce their own product. My past issues with other screen printers that are now out of business was because of the fact that they only wanted money and while that is more of an issue now more than anything with this country, it’s the sheer thought of knowing someone who produces your product, makes and markets his own product. So now the money from industry, stays within industry.

SUAS: Where is Street Mechanics Apparel available?
Mike SP: Right now, Street Mechanics is only direct order through me at: streetmechanics@gmail.com but I have a my homey Dean over in ENGLAND and he is about to setup direct order from the UK. I’m hoping to get some shops behind me like Spoil’d Brat, A-MALL, and some mom and pop spots in the hood.

SUAS: I can honestly say that I have been around you while a lot of personal things have went down and I have to say that your strength and commitment to rolling is commendable. Where did you draw your strength to continue on with your dream while Life was throwing you curveballs?
Mike SP:
Yeah man, I’ve seen a lot but through it all I learned that Life makes you the person you want to be and every decision you make whether its good or bad is a decision you have to live with, understanding the process of it and how things can run askew from time to time, made me into the person that I am. You know personally some of what I’ve been through, from me getting up to almost 300lbs and losing it all, to my most recent quagmire a few years back. I maintained the theory you can’t take life serious, you’ll never make it out alive.

SUAS: Being a personal friend of mine I am glad to see you overcome these roadblocks…Now, with Street Mechanics finally up & running what can we expect from the company in 2010?
Mike SP: At the present moment I am working on building up some solid product. I have a Facebook fan page with some of the Winter/Spring line concept shirts and I‘m pushing for a Bittercold Showdown release!

SUAS: Will your custom made soul pieces “Mechanical Wings” be making a comeback?
Mike SP: I am working on some stuff, I’ve been looking at they way the industry is going and I got a lot of stuff to offer the game. As far as the Mech’ Wings, let just say I might have something in the works for Bittercold on that too.

SUAS: I can’t wait to see what you come up with!…Who is representing Street Mechanics these days?
Mike SP:
Right now I am in the process of re-doing my roster. Prior riders included Kyle “Idaho” Smith, Tim Gaszy, Anthony Chen, Cole Starkey, Dean Makin (UK), Maury “Pun” Petruzzi, and Tim Franken. I am looking at some prospects and been talking to a lot of them via webcam…(Shhhhhh!)

SUAS: Will there be another Street Mechanics Real Street Comp this Summer and if so, will it be located in PA or NJ?
Mike SP:
I’m thinking about another town somewhere in the US. Jersey, PA and NYC are right by each other and I love skating them when I can but I want to skate other places. One of the things about Rollerblading is that we can explore uncharted territory. Its not like being on a bike or riding a skateboard. Everyone has been stepping up their efforts tremendously so that we have a future and I feel taking the comp on the road would be me doing my part.

SUAS: I am glad to hear that, SMRSC was pretty much the only street comp going on in Jersey at the time. You definitely had a hand in creating awareness of my birthstate! Any last words or shout-outs?
Mike SP:
1st and formost I want to thank you for being an ear when I was going through it, thank you to everyone whose been patient enough not to give up on me. Tim Franken for coming to scoop me to skate, Dagz for keepin me laughing even when shit was crazy, my boy Sam DeAngelis for encouragement and all of my Jersey rollerbladers, Matt,Pat and everyone holding the JERZ. To all my Jersey heads who dont even roll that have been waiting on this, Tee over at Spoild Brat THE ONLY ROLLBLADER OWNED AND OPERATED SHOP IN NJ! My son Ethan and Daughter LeShane and most importantly the woman who held me down through everything my girlfriend Bonnie. To everyone I forgot I’m sorry ima pothead what’s your excuse!

Street Mechanics Apparel Facebook Fanpage

Street Mechanics Apparel “Str8 Crack Ad”


2 Responses to “Michael Scott-Peterson breaking down Street Mechanics”

  1. mike hazard Says:

    congratulations mike you got your foot in the door now bust that shit down lol. na for real i wish you much success with the clothing line im real happy for you good luck

  2. all the best Mike!

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