A Street Mechanics Tribute to LB!

          I came across this tribute from my brother Michael Scott-Peterson over at Street Mechanics Apparel ( http://streetmechanicsapparel.blogspot.com )  not too long ago. It caught me by surprise because he didn’t tell me that he was putting this together for me and I highly appreciate it because I am not anyone special. I just have an undying love for this sport that will never go away so I do my part in contributing so that this sport can continue to flourish as long as it possibly can. A big THANK YOU goes out to Mike SP for the Tribute!

Street Mechanics Tribute to LB:

          Here’s a funny story behind that clip of me doing the little Makio Stall on the Step and then skating to the rail to do Back Farv to Soul.

          I believe the name of that spot in NJ is Delaney Rails. It was a group of us rolling around different spots in NJ with the Spoil’d Bratt Fam and the last spot of the day were these handicap rails. Half of us were skating the rail while the other half were just chillin’ and talking skating. So, I got bored and started talking trash to everybody skating the rails just to keep things funny and to get in their head haha. So, I took it to another level of joking around. I told them that I could lace the whole rail 1st try. So after playing around with a few attempts I did it 1st try haha. Needless to say that everybody started laughing and the mood was even better.

          Quick correction…I never designed anything for HAVOK clothing. Justin Crabtree is my bro though! Much love J.C.!

          And here is a picture of Disney’s Fillmore so you know why he said that I look like him haha…too bad Fillmore skateboards!


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