Exclusive Gregory Preston **EDIT**

          ShutupandSKATE is proud to present an exclusive edit from my lil’ bro GREGORY PRESTON representing Long Beach, California and his new sponsor Urban Rolling Skateshop ( www.urbanrolling.com ). Eventhough Gregory has some unique tricks that always makes you ask “What was that?” it’s his great attitude towards rollerblading and constant smile on his face that always keeps the mood of the session positive. Much love and respect Gregory!



4 Responses to “Exclusive Gregory Preston **EDIT**”

  1. Vince Martinez.. Says:

    thats my nigga right there
    makin that paper


  2. Kevon Thompson Says:

    Damn i forget how tight greg is from time to time.
    really good shit yo.

  3. my nigga always makin a good impression and always fun to watch and skate with! keep it rollin


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