“It’s All Good”…FULL MOVIE…Enjoy!

          This is a great definitive look into the early progressive years of Rollerblading (1997) and some of the originators that sacrificed their well-being to take it to another level for the future of our sport. This film has sentimental value to me because these are the people that I came up watching, meeting, skating with and eventually personally knowing. It brings back a flood of memories seeing my peers in their prime while building this sport that we all know and love!
          Eventhough, many of the pioneers in this video are no longer in the spotlight, it is only right to pay homage to the bricklayers of the foundation of our culture. Hear it straight from their mouths as they pour their hearts out about the passion that drives them to keep on rollerblading. Watch them as they deal with:

– The lack of skateparks
– Confrontations with law enforcement
– The Senate vs. FR skate battle
– Breakdown of sponsorships
– East Coast vs. West Coast skating
– Competition skating breakdown 
– Becoming PRO status
……….and all of the good ol’ drama that we all go through years later.
           “It’s All Good” is the length of a full feature film so find a comfortable chair, grab a cold drink, & engulf your minds in an early look at rollerblading to see where we all came from to where we are at now.



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