Congratulations to JC ROWE!


          When I woke up to the news of JC ROWE being named the newest Xsjado Pro I was VERY happy. JC has been holding it down for years. I first heard of JC ROWE while he was an AM rider for RB at the time when they re-introduced the new TRS skate with the replaceable overskins. I finally met him for the 1st time at a comp in Detroit at Airborne years ago where he amazed me with his all-around skills. He could pretty much skate everything with ease. He definitely was the stand-out skater at the park.

          Recently, after moving to Long Beach a couple of years I began to skate with him here and there at our Monday Night Skate sessions at Houghton Skatepark. And all I can say is that his skating is indeed at a Professional level. He plugs in his earbuds and skates everything in the park with a smile on his face while cracking a joke in between tricks. JC always seems to be in a good mood and is down to skate every and anything at anytime. He definitely deserves the title PRO. Not to mention his skating is stylish, crisp and consistent. Xsjado has picked a great representation of rollerblading and I can’t wait to see where this takes JC. He is derserving of all the accolades heading his way.




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