A James Short Memory

          2009 was a difficult year for me emotionally…at one point it seemed as if the big rollerblading scene in the sky above was drafting some of the finest specimens of our sport. A prime example of this was the sudden passing of my great friend James Short.

          I first came across  James Short years ago while he was an avid Be-Mag messageboard user. He basically came out of the woodworks and represented the Ohio scene strong with his promotion of the Bitter Cold Show Down as well with his many edits showcasing his unique skating style. As I planned to attend my first Bitter Cold Show Down (which was BCSD2) I contacted James with questions about the comp and about Vertigo skatepark since I had never been there before. He answered my questions and even offered to meet me at Vertigo when I arrived in Ohio so that we can skate the park before the comp.

          I arrived at Vertigo Skatepark with the Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop/iDentity Clothing Team late Friday night with about an hour left to skate the park before Mark closed it up for Bitter Cold the next morning. As soon as I walked in James was the first person that I saw and we immediately got along like lifelong friends. He introduced me to Mark, Daniel and many of the Ohio rollerbladers. I instantly become comfortable due to James hospitality. Before the park closed for the night James and I had fun skating the mini ramp. He was even showing me how to Toe Roll to Fakie Drop-In!

         Attending my first Bitter Cold Show Down is one of my most favorite memories in rollerblading and James amplified my experience. After the BCSD we remained in contact via AIM where we talked about rollerblading, companies that he wanted to ride for and he also sent me samples of his music to check out…which is very enjoyable by the way. We also spoke about a project that he was involved with called “Jolly Jolly Heartbreakers”. Unfortunately, James was taken away from us way too early but I always keep him in my daily prayers and I am very grateful to have crossed paths with him in my lifetime. I miss you James!

James Short “Sic Apparel” Edit

James Short Memorial Session


3 Responses to “A James Short Memory”

  1. RIP James Short, You will forever be missed!

  2. Wonderful tribute, I love it and I know James would be very proud. I miss him so much.

  3. Kevin Little Says:

    Amazing tribute! I loved it.

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