The 5W’s with BRIAN LEWIS


          Brian Lewis is definitely an O.G. in the rollerblading game. He has been holding it down for almost 2 decades! And with his recent entry into the rollerblading industry with Create Originals ( ) there is no stopping him now.

         S.U.A.S. caught up with Mr. Lewis and hit him up with the 5 W’s. This is a new little category in which we ask 5 random questions to the rollerblader that is featured. Enjoy!

WHO did you look up to when you were coming up in rollerblading?
Although I always admired the other skaters, the only one I ever looked up to was Chris Edwards. In my mind he is the single most important skater ever and we all owe him a large debt for being the inspiration that he was and is.

WHAT where you doing before you sat down to answer these questions?
I was emailing our printshop the breakdowns for our new shirt line.

WHEN did you realize that rollerblading was going to be a major part of your Life?
When I was 13 or so I tried a friends blades and got addicted. Within a week I knew. I still have frame designs that I drew as a kid. I also still have the the TRS’s that I cut the cuffs down, attached locking buckles and re-drilled the frames to make the split  bigger. This was 15-16 years ago and they are all now standard features for today’s skates. I am very proud of those skates and I display them in what used to be the living room (it’s now the Create Originals World Headquarters LOL).

WHERE do you go to relax when Life gets a bit hectic?
My life is always hectic. It takes an enormous amount of work for us to run Create Originals. The great thing is that I love what I do and I am more juiced then ever to be apart of something. So, it is hectic but in the best possible way.

WHY did you choose to start up a frame company with your 2 partners Billy O’ Neill & Hakeem Jimoh?
Thats an easy one. It’s my dream and I truly could not think of anyone better to have as my partners. Its funny though, we never really chose to be partners we just always were. The three of us have been working on projects together for over ten years.

(…and sometimes) HOW will Create Originals make an even bigger impact in 2010?
There are a lot of plans in the works. You will just have to wait and see.


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  1. I’m a fan…

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