The 5W’s with Steve Iacono

          Steve Iacono is a staple of the Philly rollerblading scene. He has too many edits to count and is a huge part of the Philly Movement. Everytime I see new footage of Steve he impresses me with his trademark style and ever-increasing creative trick vocabulary. ShutupandSKATE recently caught up with Steve to hit him up with the 5W’s. Enjoy!

WHO were some of the early influences that crafted your rollerblading style?
I started skating after seeing Matt Mantz on t.v., and I was a big fan of his blading when I was a tyke. His “Transcend” part is still amazing for the time. I dug Latimer too but who didn’t.

WHAT were you doing before you sat down to answer these questions?
Just watching “Forest Fire” actually

WHEN was the last time you ate a cheesesteak?
2 days ago…unreal.

WHERE do you want your rollerblading to take you in the next few years?
I just want to go to Barcelona just one time in my life, or anywhere in Europe for that matter. As long as I can do that and have a little video of my trip I’d be satisfied.

WHY is Philly the capital of stylish rollerbladers?
The skaters here have to adapt to more things then the actual spot. 90 percent of the spots here have problems and are not as sweet as they look on video so it takes more effort in skating up to a obstacle then doing the trick. People know how to use their blades here I guess.

(and sometimes) HOW have you been coping with rollerblading in the harsh East Coast Winter so far?
Complete hibernation. We have no good indoor parks, and no one is brave enough to brave the cold. I went out one day recently to finish my part for “Killin’ It” and we went on a mission; got up early in the morning was freezing cold and I proceeded to get rocked on every spot and hurt my knee prematurely.



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