Words With Friends anyone?

          Now, I am not big on games; I don’t even own a game system but the iPhone has been churning out some of the most addictive games through the App Store. My newest addiction at the moment besides Eliminate Pro (add me LordBrian) is this Scrabble-clone “Words With Friends”

          There are 2 versions of this game. Free or $1.99. The only difference is that with the paid version it is ad-free. It has the exact same rules as Scrabble; you make a word and you get points. But, the game dictionary seems to be pretty expansive with their words if you catch my drift 😉 What makes this game fun and addicting is that you can play anybody that has the game on either their iPod Touch or iPhone. You can easily add your friends by their username (mine is LordBrian) or you can play someone across the globe at random. You are also allowed to play multiple games at once. I think I have about 9 games going on at the same time haha.

          I personally like it even more because so many rollerbladers are in on it such as Arlo, Adam Johnson, Rachard Johnson, Mike Johnson, Joey Graziano, Matt Andrews, JC Rowe and many more. So, if your snowed in or sore from a day of rolling sit back, put your thinking cap on and let’s go a round or 2. BATTLE my WORDS!


2 Responses to “Words With Friends anyone?”

  1. Ryan Timms Says:

    you gotta get doodle jump. best game.

  2. We love Words with Friends.

    My boyfriend and I wrote about it on our blog. You should check it out and then we can all play!


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