Urban Rolling Skateshop Demo! @ Boys & Girls Club

          Ever since Urban Rolling Skateshop opened up their doors they have been dedicated to helping  further expose the Long Beach rollerblading scene. On Friday, February 12th at the Westside Boys & Girls Club “Urban Rolling Skateshop” put together a skating demo to show the youth of America how we get down on the blades.

          The skater support was great, some of those who attended were Anthony Gallegos, Anthony Williams, Gregory Preston, Kevin Yee, Ranier Paramide, and many more. Power 106 was there as well spinning some music for the skaters to shred to while giving out some prizes to the best dancers in the crowd.

          Eventhough the course comprised of only 2 set-up rails,  it turned into an IMYTA-style session. And after all the skating that went down there was FREE food and drinks! The LB-CAM captured some of what went down so enjoy. I do apologize in advance though for the pics not being as close-up as it could be but with all the insanity going down on the 2 rails I didn’t want to get in the way haha, so if it bothers you that much I can hook you up with some Kleenex’s so you can cry me a river 😉

Front view of the double rail set-up. The rail in the Front is the more solid of the 2. It is actually Ranier's personal practice rail.

Back view of Ranier's practice rail with the Urban Rolling Skateshop sticker emblazoned on it.

Front view of the rail that bends in the middle when you jump on it. You have to land right on top or its game over.

Gregory Preston observing the practice rails.

Ranier lacing a Grabbed Backslide...the way it's supposed to be done.

Top Souly Soul on the wobbly rail.

Stylish Alley Oop Soul on the better of the 2 rails.

Some of the Long Beach locals showing their support for their rollerblading scene.

Between the shoulder cam catching Anthony Gallegos Frestyle Backside Backslide.

Alley Oop Topsoul to some switch-up that I missed due to being to far away trying to get a pic.

Topsoul to another switch up that I missed 😦 I need an upgrade!

Power 106 showing their support for Rollerblading.

Urban Rolling giving out some stickers to the masses.

Bird's eye view of the main course area.

Jordan from Urban Rolling Skateshop catching LB catching the action.

Anthony Williams lacing the basketball shot with a hotdog in his hand. Peep the basketball at the top of the pic.


2 Responses to “Urban Rolling Skateshop Demo! @ Boys & Girls Club”

  1. woulda been there, but dont drive, rides fall through thats how shit happends to be

  2. Kristofer Says:

    I do aggressive inline skating and I’m trying to find like a long slanted practice rail

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