RODNEY GLENN From Alaska to Long Beach


          When Revolution (  moved out of the wintery Alaska landscape and into the everlasting sunshine of Arizona, it seemed as if the Alaska rollerblading scene went into hibernation. My first thoughts were the whereabouts of a great friend of mine and a skater who definitely helped put Alaska on the map and that is RODNEY GLENN. Rodney is one of those skaters that put his heart, blood and soul into bringing the Alaska scene to the attention of the rolling industry and I knew that I had to find him.

          Fast forward a couple of short years and while I was skating Houghton Skatepark in Long Beach during the weekly Monday Night Skate sessions I bumped in the newest Long Beach rollerblading transplant who is none other than Rodney Glenn!

SUAS: ShutupandSKATE would like to give a big welcome to my Instant Messenger friend of many years & finally my friend in person Rodney Glenn haha! What is up my brother?
First off, I want to thank you for making this happen. I have been in the game for a minute with a real low profile and have waited for an opportunity like this forever it seems like. This could not have come at a better time though. Def appreciate it.

SUAS: Speaking of being in the game for a minute, how long have you been rollerblading and what sparked your interest in trying it?
RG: Well, being from where I am from it is really hard to say. I have always loved movies and one that I happened to see at a young age was “Airborne”. Since then I was really hooked. I say its hard to gauge because in Alaska the Winters are long. I could def see my progression happening fast at a young age but then winter gets thrown in your face for a good seven months so that puts things on hold. Especially when your young and you don’t really know what you have so I would snowboard and things like that. For many years there were no indoor parks in Anchorage so when I really started pushing things me and my boys would shovel a spot in like 0 degree weather and get down. Lots of shattered frames, shells, etc. haha.

          Then when I was a freshman in high school I spent about 9 months in Indiana for family reasons. That is when shit got crack’n. Some of the best Rollerbladers I have ever witnessed were there. Jake Wilkes and Gavin Fridlund really showed me what I was capable of and I really appreciate that. I owe a great deal to Matt Lorch for always hooking me up with rides and skate stuff too. He was like my first sponsor I would like to think hahahahaha. The list goes on with people I could mention there…Jake Shotwell…I hope you get wind of this… That was in like 2000-2001. But I have been at it for a grip now. I would consider that my start. Then in spring 03′ is when James scooped me.

SUAS: Now when I think of Alaska I think of Rodney Glenn & Revolution, but both are not there anymore. What are the reasons behind your move from Alaska to Long Beach, California?
Well, you got to think of Revolution first ’cause with out James and Gretchen I honestly don’t know if I would still be skating. I came back down to the lower 48 though because of school mainly. I want to finish getting my Communications Degree. My Dad also lives in LA so that made my decision about location that much easier. I would be lying if I didn’t say skating played a role too.

SUAS: What is your opinion on living in Long Beach and have you ever been here prior to you moving here?
Wow, Long Beach. I like it here a lot. Probably one of the better rollerblading cities out here right now based on the state of things. You got cats like Rachard and Haffey around the way and even O.G.s like Gillan. The scene is crazy. Some of the best kids skating right now are in the LBC, like no joke.. Soderberg… Anthony Gallegos just off top. I have been here before..skating. Plus, I have lived in SoCal and a few other places so it wasn’t completely new to me.

SUAS: How long have you lived in Alaska?
I have lived in Alaska most of my life. Since about 93. I was born in Rochester, NY and lived there till I was 8 though. So, I guess to answer your question better, about 16 years on and off.
SUAS: What do you miss most about Alaska?
Honestly Lord B, I can’t just narrow that down to one thing. Living in a place as beautiful and big as AK you can’t. My Mom, Sister and Bro all still live there so of course them. All my homies which are the best friends you could have. Also, a lady but we are geographically disconnected which blows.


SUAS:  Now that you are living in Cali do you have any plans in the works for getting some more exposure this year?
 Well, your exposing me right now ha ha. I haven’t had much in awhile either. A lot of it came from doing Revolution ads but for some reason all my footage gets lost or stolen…or I am hurt at  inopportune times or stuck in AK. I’m actually working with Lonnie Gallegos on Fade Three (Green). This is really big for me, I have never really worked on a project this big outside of team stuff, so I’m happy someone is giving me a shot. I don’t have very many clips but I know that they will def stand out and make an impression. Show people how Alaska gets down haha! I’m also going to be doing a 90 second edit for James so look out for that, going to try to go hard.
SUAS: Who are your sponsors keeping your rollerblading habit going strong these days?
This question is easy lol. Revolution. I’m hoping that the right people read this and see my new shit. I’ve been more than ready to take more on for a grip now…so. 

SUAS: Will you be traveling around to any of these upcoming comps to throw down and get your name out there again?
 Dude, the last competition I was in was like the 05′ or 06′ Hoedown. The one where Fish won best trick on his Birthday. I don’t really like to compete anymore. It’s definitely fun and I always have a blast. I put a lot of thought into how and what I skate and sometimes I just can’t rush it all out ya know. We all have our days though. I might have to rethink it though cause I need money lol. I would love to get back in the mix too. Funny thing is that I have only skated in one street comp and I won so I hope there is another chance to get in one soon. Who knows though.

SUAS: What is your current skate set-up and why?
My current skate set up are some custom Black and Grey Xsjados. I ride Xsjados because of DL lol. Plus, I’m super flat footed so they are comfy. I rock BHC Hooi wheels cause he’s the shit and they ride real nice. Frames are the Kelso Slim Lines. I needed frames and James sent those. I didn’t know what to expect but he knows me really well and they happen to be some of the best I’ve skated in years. Might cop them C.O.’s though since I like what they are doing.

SUAS: Let’s go deep into your mind for a bit…What are your thoughts on the current state of Rollerblading?
Well, its no real secret unless you are 12 and just getting started that things have been better. Even more so, it really makes me think of the Jon Julio interview in ONE Magazine number 8. Damn, that was random but read it again I’m sure people will get what I mean. Anyways…Oh the state we are in now is not as well as it could be. Pros do not get paid enough and companies don’t make enough. People that should be pushing our sport still haven’t been seen or mentioned in years.

          Instead of reaching our full potential we are forced to explore other life options which are great but sad at the same time. On a style and maturity tip things couldn’t be better. The right things are happening at the wrong times ya dig. Think if someone like Julian Bah made what they were worth skating…the tricks that he had done in the past would almost seem amateur to what he might be laying down now. There are a number of skaters I could say the same for. Its a tough question to answer.

SUAS: What can we do as a whole to keep our sport/lifestyle growing?
 People have to keep being themselves. That’s fundamental in life. It’s nice to see that rollerblading is getting less and less trendy within ourselves. I think that it is important that people and companies are doing their own things. That is how a foundation is built. It’s not as if when you build a house there is just a big slab starter kit you lay down. Many pieces play a role from the smallest to the large. At the same time we do need a little bit of that unity back. Like that rollerbladers against the world mentallity not against each other. I mean I could go deeper into that for days but I will just let that marinate.

          It’s just one of those things that is debateable but it will just have to show in different ways through out time. We have to keep supporting real skater owned businesses as well. They know the real struggle and through them, outsiders can gain that respect and know what the fuck its about. That non-stop hustle, love, and ambition to build from the ground up. It goes on and on. Niggas didnt know I could get deep like that hahahahahaha.

SUAS: Go deep haha, let’s close this off bro-ski. Any last words and/or shout-outs?
Hmmm..well I know this isn’t the last you hear of me. I hope this is more like my second coming. I want to thank the Lord Jesus and Brian for sticking by me and believing in me through the years. My Mom and Dad of course. My Sister and my Nieces. My Brother hold’n it down. My Grandfather R.I.P. and all my Grandparents. The rest of my family. My boys back home Stovall, Bonner, Craver and Dinger. Bojangles for being crazy. Lindsey Lee for everything and still being there. CDubz. My boy Chris Latta who is one of the biggest role players in my skating career. Sam Houston who you guys will know soon. Frank Murdock. James and Gretch for being family. Mike and DMoney French. Jason Zwack Casey McFarland and the rest of the Revolutionaries. All my peeps in Arizona even you Shea Boland lol. X.

          Everyone in Naptown. The G circle haha, Lonnie Gallegos for everything and Victor Galecia. All the kids in the LBC. Eric Rodriguez for coming through and Rachard for them treats haha. Dustin Latimer for being a huge influence and good Friend. Anyone who has ever believed in me and my skating and anyone I’ve skated with. Sorry if I left anyone out. I know there are a grip but its taken this long to get an interview who knows if I will get a shot again haha. Thanx again Lord Brian. I’m out. One


10 Responses to “RODNEY GLENN From Alaska to Long Beach”

  1. So you’re still making it!

  2. I loved this!

  3. Keep it up Rodney! Sending out some brotherly love to my main man across the continent.

  4. hella westcoast represent Says:

    hella west coast represent ..Miles

  5. Sick man really enjoyed it for real!

  6. great article, keep on doin you , hope you can make it back up to ak for a visit sometime. stay up.

  7. Hotstove907 Says:

    That’s what’s up. Great Q/A with my boy Entouragenoarie getting all deep about skating. Loved it. Once you make it (which u will) don’t forget all those sleepless nights in Orgy Oaks (Spenard). Do your thing man.

  8. hello rodney, are you the son of rita,rod & grandson of velma w orig from rochester n.y.If so i’m trying to reach your mom or grandma.

  9. Roney has been one of the major players in the anchorage scene. I rememeber when I met him, he just got back from Indy and was skating with Chris latta downtown. I was rollin with my boys Danny and Bobby at town square when they just showed up. I was tryin to fakie 3 the big set and Rodney just comes up and med spin 5’s it first try. Rodney has this swag about him that makes everything look effortless.

    Rodney you have no reason for all that steezin.Keep it up.

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