An OG going from GC to CO


          This past Saturday I had the hard task of detaching my Ground Control frames from my Valos. I say “hard time” because I have been riding on Ground Control frames since the 1st Generation pair. Whether I experimented with rolling on Kizer, 50-50 or Xsjado I always ended up coming back home to the familiar feel that is GC. But like the saying goes, time for a change. I am a huge supporter of everything rollerblading so it is only right that I support my boys Brian Lewis, Hakeem Jimoh & Billy O’ Neill with their newest joint venture Create Originals

          Right out of the box these frames look fresh to death and I can honestly say that I haven’t been this excited about a rollerblading product in awhile. I honestly can’t wait to skate these and I will get the chance to break these baby’s in on Sunday.

Here are some LB-CAM pics of these fresh new frames…nevermind the coffe cup stain on my desk 😉

THE FINISHED PRODUCT…I had to clean my baby’s for this sexy pic 😉


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