Company Spotlight: JIN JOINT CLOTHING CO.

     Choosing to do a “Company Profile” on Jin Joint Clothing Co. was an easy choice since I was curious about the inner workings of this company that seemingly popped up all of a sudden and is quickly making waves. Company Owner Sean Tabone is a dedicated Rollerblader and works even harder to give back to those that support this venture. And with the addition of Iain Mcleod to the talented roster, Jin Joint is about to become a household name pretty soon.

SUAS: Who’s all involved with Jin Joint?
I own the company by myself, but there’s still a lot of people involved. We get our shirts printed at “2 Day Circus” in New Mexico. I met them skating in Phoenix and it just kind of made sense for me to pay another Rollerblader rather than someone else to do the prints. I also work with random artists that also skate. Chris Tinsley was behind this last line which will be seen at BCSD tomorrow morning….We’re looking for a new designer…if interested email

SUAS: Who are the skaters currently representing Jin Joint?
The team consists of Andrew Scherf from Phoenix, Tony Rivituso from Las Vegas, Winston Wardwell, and Iain Mcleod from Orange County.

**A Time out with Victor Callendar at the “Last Man Standing” Comp**

SUAS: How long has Jin Joint been around?
Jin Joint made its debut at the 2008 BCSD. We’ve had booths each year since then including this year.

SUAS: Can you give us a Company Bio?
About 7 months after I started the company, I moved to Arizona to be a little closer to the greatest skate scene in the world. We established ourselves in California with our involvement with the L.A. ALL DAY contest series. We gave them a few $100 lines as well as a few other contests throughout the year. I was awarded the L.A. ALL DAY King Pin Award, which was pretty cool. Tracy and Carlos are definitely on the right track.

          Last Summer we took a week long tour through Southern California. The stop at Intuition Skate Shop was a great time…till the cops came. We did a barbeque at the Phoenix AIL that Revolution sponsored. They’ve done a ton for the scene out there and the industry in general. Most recently, I’m really excited to be associated with Quinn is working really hard on the site and it’s showing. We filmed an ad when we were in Vegas for WRS that was featured in Winston Wardwell’s profile.

**Having fun at a bbq at the PHOENIX AIL**

SUAS: What new products are you working on?
 New products? Hmm, I’m more focused on different styles for each line rather than product development at the moment because by always switching up designs, we’ll be able to appeal to a much larger market. I’m more concerned with getting my riders as many other sponsors and as much exposure as possible.  Honestly, I think it’s more important to get the team hookups that will cost the cost of their skating. Tony is on Remz now, and Iain is really happy to be down with Create Originals.

SUAS: What is your goal with Jin Joint Clothing Co.?
My goal is to promote the type of skating that I prefer to see and provide a style to back it. It’s not impossible to do big tricks while remaining stylish.

**Jin Joint tour stop at Intuition**

SUAS: Any Last Words/Shout-Outs?
Tony, Andrew, Iain, Winston, Tracy, Los, BK, Victor Callendar, Lord Brian, Matt Mickey, Brian Lewis, James and Gretch, Quinn, the New York Skate scene (I live in Albany…Come through sometime), Tinsley, and 2 Day.

Jin Joint Tour

Introducing Tony Rivituso


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