Old Rollerblading-related Artwork that I found

      As you all may know by now I am moving back to NYC. I am leaving CALI on Sunday via Amtrak so I am working overtime on getting my things packed. While getting my paperwork sorted out I came across a few pieces of my artwork from years past. Here they are and I hope you enjoy!

…maybe I should start drawing again!

*Self-portrait…the original pencil sketch was me doing a royale.*

*I drew this for Jon Morciglio & The iDentity Clothing Co. I was making fun of Jon wearing XXXXL clothing*

*A topsoul pic that I drew for Franky Morales when he was on the D-Tour stop at Chelsea Piers Skatepark*

*Parallel air with the character wearing the same G-Shock watch that I have*

*A big mouth logo sketch for The iDentity Clothing Co.*

*A sketch for Osbee grindplates!*


One Response to “Old Rollerblading-related Artwork that I found”

  1. haha nice!

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