Daniel Kinney: After The Show Down

          Daniel Kinney is the MAN. His brainchild the Bitter Cold Show Down has rapidly become one of the biggest comps in Rollerblading. I would like to personally say THANK YOU to Daniel for his hard work and dedication to Rollerblading. It is very hard work putting together a contest and to be holding it down for 10 years is commendable. Here’s to another 10+ years of the BCSD!
          ShutupandSKATE caught up with DK to see what goes on in his Life following the showdown after the dust clears.

SUAS: Another BCSD is down in the history books, and in the classic fashion of the ever-so famous Super Bowl commercial…What are you going to do next?
Next is the video project for this year. I have an enormous amount of footage, interviews & commentary that are exclusive for this years’ project. I can’t go into too much detail just yet, because as of now a lot of it is just hopes and dreams, but we will see. Hopefully, we can bring BCSD X to a much wider audience than ever before.

SUAS: Do you find it kind of hard transitioning back to your normal routine afterwards without all of the crazyness of the comp preparation?
Actually, not at all. I am creature of habit. The hard transition is going from everyday life to hotels, skate parks, no sleep and the constantly moving that comes with a BCSD weekend. On Monday, I felt great being back in my office and getting back to the normal grind.

SUAS: And what is that normal grind?…or should I say Who do you work for and what it is that you do?
DK: I am a video editor for a production company in Madison, Wisconsin called ProVideo http://www.provideo.com I have been here for a little over a year and edit anything from local corporate videos to Super Bowl commercials. I have my own editing suite with all of the latest software and hardware. I have no complaints. It’s a great job, it’s a great company and I love going to work.

SUAS: Sounds like you found the American Dream of working in a field that you enjoy!…Aside from planning one of the biggest comps of the year what else Rollerblading-related are you involved with?
Well, the biggest thing that I will be involved with in the future is the WRS World Finals at Rye Airfield, in New Hampshire on November 6 & 7. I will be very involved with the planning and organization of the event and hopefully we can begin work on increasing the profile, attendance and overall success of the World Finals so that it is more comparable to BCSD or Winterclash. http://www.worldrollingseries.com for more details.

Photo by: Elliott Wesley Gilbertson-Brown

SUAS: I loved the fact that the crowd at BCSD X was in their own section off of the course with only the filmers allowed to be on the floor. That was a long time coming. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the standard from now on?
Yes, this was the number one priority for this year and I could not be happier about how successful the bleachers were. The course was clear, a large part of the crowd had a seat during the whole contest and the footage of the crowd looks amazing. This will definitely be something that we will continue in the future. Very happy about it.

SUAS: I have judged many BCSD’s with you and it is always the hardest comp to judge. Was there any judging difficulties this year and how did you address them?
Haha. Define difficulty? The most difficult part of judging this year was that a part of the crowd definitively made their choice for the winner. John Bolino was hoisted up “Rudy” style by a group of his friends and fans after landing the last trick of the contest. What made this so difficult was that to the majority of the judges he was clearly not the winner. So, there was an easy decision to appease the crowd and a hard decision to maintain the integrity of the contest and make the correct decision. I am very proud of all the judges for having the integrity to follow through and make the near impossible decision. I am just very disappointed how certain individuals took it upon themselves to not only gossip and complain about the results, but maliciously so. Even to the point of spreading rumors that the results were a consequence of any number of conspiracies. Specifically from some not even at the event.

          Rollerbladers being passionate about rollerblading is one thing and for the most part the drama that has followed the event has been awesome. The dust has finally settled though and the truth that there is no conspiracy has been revealed. It’s just disappointing how a few individuals participating in nothing more than teenage gossip could end up putting a stain on an otherwise overwhelming successful event.

SUAS: I agree 110% Being a judge for you over the years I have never heard of any conspiracies. Heck, it’s always us judges arguing within ourselves over the proper placement of the skaters haha. And on the topic of judges how do you select the judges for an event this huge?
I usually select the judges involved by two characteristics. The first is that I trust their judgment and that they have a strong or individual opinion on what Rollerblading should be. I need the judges to not only be opinionated but also willing to stand up for what they believe in. The second thing is that I really need a judge that I can rely on to just simply do the work. They need to be available during the entire event and get what needs to be done, done. It is not fun being a judge and there are little to no perks in doing it. It’s a hard job and I am grateful for everyone that has ever helped judge a BCSD.

          There has been a lot of discussion about creating an impartial board of judges for the WRS events but its just not a viable option at this point. The money is just not there to either provide travel for the judges or give them the incentive to do the work.

SUAS: Being that we are fresh into the first quarter of a new year when do you start planning for your next BCSD?
Planning for next year’s event usually begins late Summer. I always have way too many other things going on to make this a year round affair.

Photo by: Elliott Wesley Gilbertson-Brown

SUAS: Let’s get even more personal with you for a second. What is your favorite meal when those hunger signals start grumbling in your stomach and what drink do you wash it down with?
Best question. I am pretty heavy into food. Madison actually has one of the highest number of restaurants per-capita in the U.S. It is really an amazing city for eating. It’s surrounded by farmland so a majority of the locally owned and operated restaurants either feature organic or locally grown farm fresh items. It is amazing the difference fresh and locally grown produce, meats and cheeses taste to anything mass produced or mass farmed. I have far too many amazing options to have a favorite but the one meal I crave most consistently is the Bad Breath burger from The Weary Traveler here in Madison. Half-pound Angus beef, cream cheese, dressing, caramelized onions, garlic, tomatoes and Pickapeppa sauce. Amazing. My favorite brew would be local as well. The spring seasonal, called Maibock, from Capital Brewery is at the top of my list. If you want to get serious on some food porn check out http://www.cheeseandburger.com for more of what Wisconsin is all about.

SUAS: Any last words/shout-outs?
The list of rollerbladers that I have, bladed and interacted with and have helped me out with any number of things over the many years is far too numerous to mention. Most of all, the biggest shout out would go to my fiance Tiffany, who gives me the balance necessary to do anything that I do.


2 Responses to “Daniel Kinney: After The Show Down”

  1. joe ruby Says:

    Dan Kinney is Rollerblading. ive known him for long time and consider myself very fortunate to be a friend of his. he has a great perspective on the current state of our sport and what needs to be done to make it better. he is constantly supporting skating on multiple levels from organizing the BCSD to local skate sessions. good interview but he deserves the spotlight more often, Joe Ruby III

  2. Great article and videos. BCSD 2010 was our first, and we had a blast. A big props to Daniel for putting it on and letting us be a part of it. We sold a ton of our original designs on our supersoft, fitted tees. Thanks again, and hope to see you all next year!!

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