Introducing Jason Staine & Rolling Film Media

Photo by: Sam DeAngelis

          With the recent release of the highly-anticipated DVD “Signature”, Jason Staine and his Rolling Film Media are in the spotlight with all eyes on him. Let’s learn more about this soon to be household name.

SUAS:Welcome to ShutupandSKATE Jason! How are you?
Hi Brian, I’m feeling great right now. This is a really exciting time for me. I’m really juiced about my “Signature” DVD release and making a solid impact in rollerblading.

SUAS: And what kind of impact would you like to leave on the Rollerblading scene?
My goal has been to produce quality videos that get you pumped up to go out and roll. I want to leave a lasting impression that videos like “Words” or “Brain Fear Gone” left on me. These videos had a major impact on how we skated from the day they were released. Ten years from now I hope that someone references my work in the same context.

Pick this up now!

SUAS: And speaking of Rollerblading, what is your background in Rollerblading?
Well, I picked up my first pair of blades in ’93 and back then we used to go out and jump little sets of stairs “Airborne” style. Sometime in the summer of ’96 I ran into a local blader grinding a bike rack and not long after that I picked up a pair of Tarmac CE’s. I’ve been Rollerblading every since! About 7 years ago I purchased a little camera and started to film our sessions. Eventually I picked up a GL2 and an Apple computer as my interest in film grew and my filming/editing skills increased. I produced a small local video entitled “A thru Z” in 2008 which was a major stepping stone for me to produce “Signature”. I still go out and shred today at the ripe age of 27.

SUAS: You definitely paid your dues, How did your company Rolling Film Media come about?
After I completed “A thru Z” I realized what I needed to do in order to make a bigger production film. So, I created Rolling Film Media as a company and set out to produce high quality videos and online edits. By using a legit company name like “Rolling Film Media” I knew that my work would be treated in a different manner. I’m happy to say I’ve been successful thus far. “Signature” is now available in Japan and it is en route to Europe as we speak. My main goal from the beginning was to change the game entirely by paying Rollerbladers for there sections in my films. So, yes all the profiled bladers in “Signature” received a paycheck as well.

Photo by: Sam DeAngelis

SUAS: I definitely appreciate the fact that you are taking care of the bladers featured in your film. Did you get any investors in the film to help with the rider payments or you pretty much came out of your own pockets?
I funded this project from my own pockets. I actually never considered seeking an investor for this project. I felt that because I am new to the Rollerblade industry, I needed to carve a reputation first before I could approach companies to back me with financing.

SUAS: With your media company up and running will you be working on non-Rollerblading related projects as well in order to expand?
As of recently I have considered filming non-Rollerblading projects. There are a few people that have steered me in that direction. Its really just a matter of time until I dive right into a film project. Unfortunately, I did not receive formal education on film. Everything I know about filming and editing is based off of online tutorials, experience, and talking to people that work on producing films. In the future I do plan on working on many different kinds of projects.

Photo by: Glenn Jersey

SUAS: That is respectable, now with the release of “Signature” are you taking a little break or are you already working on your next release?
I did consider taking a break for about a week. I just can’t sit still. I’m ready to go out and film today and get right into the next project. You can expect an announcement in the spring time about my future release. Right now I’m working on the lineup for the next video.

SUAS: I love the fact that the premiere was in a theater, how did that idea come to fruition?
Sometime in the Fall, a few friends of mine convinced me that I invested so much time and money into this project that showing it in a theater was the only way to have the premiere. Luckily, I met Ray Mendez around the time I was finishing up the project and he was able to hook me up with a theater that he had worked with in the past. Craig B. from worked day and night on the promotions for me so we could get the word out to NYC and I really owe them for all their efforts. They made the premiere such a successful event for me. The location was amazing and the turnout was huge.

Photo by: Sam DeAngelis

SUAS: Any last words and/or shout-outs?
: Sure, Nothing would be more pleasing than to see those rollerbladers whose abilities are at a professional level be recognized and respected by the rest of the world. It would be terrible thing for those outside of rollerblading to not be aware of how good they really are at the peak of their careers.

          I’d like to shout out to,,, and to all my friends, family, and supporters that are backing my projects. Thank you!

Signature Official Trailer

Signature DVD World Premiere NYC


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  2. Boom! Nicely put together on both sides, Jay and Brian. Keep killing it guys!

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