The 5W’s with Coco Sanchez


          Coco Sanchez is quickly becoming known across the globe in the Rollerblading scene. She is one of the new generation of Ladies to show the boys that she can hold it down with the Rollerblades just as well. Here is a very good read which shows her dedication to Rollerblading. I present to you the 5W’s with Coco Sanchez.

WHO were some of your influences when you first started Rollerblading?
CS: I started skating 6 years ago in Atlanta, GA. Rollerblading was big and the skate sessions were huge. The local skaters took me under their wings and before I knew it, I had a crew to look forward to skating with every weekend. It was the kids that I skated with that pushed me and influenced me to get to the next level. These crazy guys made Rollerblading happen for me…Brian & Carson Starnes, Josh Waggoner ( R.I.P.), Richard Williams, David Sizemore, Chris Smith, Anthony Timmons, and many more.
          However, my number 1 influences never put on a pair of skates, and they are my parents’ Kim & Vince Sanchez. My Mom bought me my first pair of Rollerblades and my Dad pushed me more than anyone and is my biggest supporter. When we lived in ATL, my Dad would take the crew to contest after contest in this giant White van getting our names out there. I’m so grateful for having parents who understand how in love I am with Rollerblading and knowing that they will always have my back.

WHAT were you eating before you sat down to answer these questions?
CS: I just woke up and opened the computer. I don’t want to eat yet because I might get distracted and not finish these questions. Food’s an awesome topic though. Who doesn’t love eating haha! I’ll tell you what, I’m about to eat right after this. A breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, tomatoes, salsa and jalapenos! I eat one every morning! Okay I’m going to finish up these questions since I’m super hungry now.

WHEN are you going to film an edit/section so the masses can see how the ladies of Rollerblading can get down?
CS: I guess you can say that I lag when it comes to filming. I don’t mean to but for some reason when I’m being filmed I get camera shy and my feet don’t want to land anything. The past year I realized that I’m just going to have to practice being filmed and have a little patience. Nothing is going to just come to me. Slowly but surely I’m filming right now so I’ll get a lil’ something out there soon.

WHERE are the spots that you love to skate the most?
CS: If I could pick the day and place right now, I would be in Atlanta at Woodward Skatepark (formerly ESPN Skatepark) on a Tuesday night. There was nothing more fun to me than meeting up with every roller, including Senior citizens Kevin Dowling and Tom Hyser lol, in Atlanta at those night sessions. My favorite spot here in California is this school in Laguna Beach; I’ll keep that a secret, hehe. I like cruising there with just a couple of people and having a chill session.

WHY do you feel Rollerblading is on the rise again?
CS: Uh oh, that is always such a difficult question. There are opinions that go both ways, some think it’s on the rise while others think it’s dying. On that note here I go…
          As far as ability and tricks go, Rollerblading has made great progress and that is a strong point. When it comes to putting things together, again this is my opinion; I feel that we’re unorganized, especially  when compared to other disciplines. For example, I just heard there is a contest in Atlanta sponsored by Razors on the same weekend as the 9 year old Barnburner that’s held in Seattle. The Barnburner is all about grassroots skating and helping the industry and yet a big company like Razors splits the skating talent that weekend; it’s confusing because contests are so important. After all they show outsiders that aren’t familiar with Rollerblading what we can do. It’s crucial to have our top riders at these annual contests and more importantly having these riders give the best impressions on the kids that are coming up. I will rile some people up with those thoughts, right?!
          On a last note, I do Summer shows in Ohio with Jaren “The Monster” Grob; I love Jaren, lol. This last Summer during a show Jaren says to me “I think Rollerblading is really coming back.” The two of us, skating in front of thousands of people each day and listening to the crowd’s positive feedback, really showed me that we do have what it takes to get back on top.

(…and sometimes…) HOW did you get down with Fenfanix?
CS: To tell you the truth I didn’t know much about Fenfanix  before I started riding for them. Fallon called me up and told me she had a clothing line with them and she wanted me to ride for her. I agreed because that’s my girl and I have her back. When I was in the airport on my way to Holland for the Winterclash I thought to myself, I don’t even know my Manager or anything about this team! All I know is that I’m meeting Fallon in Amsterdam. What if this is a mistake? Well, it turned out to be far from a mistake. The effort Bibi Ragazzo and Sbiru Asunis put into our tour was amazing. Fallon and I must have told each other that at least 15 times when we were there. Our team is awesome. They’re the most down to Earth people that you can meet and I’m thankful for being a part of it. There are many great things to come from Team Fenfanix and I’m stoked to represent and come along for the ride.

Coco had some last words for everybody reading this: Thanks for taking the time to see some of my points and views. Again, feedback is good. Whether it’s positive or negative, it’s your opinion and I enjoy trying to understand you. I’m forever learning.

-Coco Sanchez

Coco Sanchez Supergirl Jam 2009

by Uriah George

Coco Sanchez Park Edit

by: Brandon Andersen


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  1. coco, ripps hard, and is fun to be around

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    9TO5 Coming soon……

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