“Let’s Roll New York” 3/20/2010 LB-CAM Pics


          Saturday, March 20th kicked of the 2010 season of the Wheels In Motion (http://www.wheelsinmotionnyc.com/) & Victor Callender’s “Let’s Roll New York” skate sessions. This was also my first skate session since returning to New York earlier in the week. I didn’t know that there was going to be a big session going down so this made my return even sweeter. The LB-CAM was in the house taking random pics during the session so enjoy and I’ll see you at the next session!

This poor cat was the first thing that I saw as soon as I walked down the steps at Coleman (LES) Skatepark. He became a mascot for the day’s events. What a welcome back to New York!

The course was pretty empty when I got there, this is the calm before the Rollerblading storm.

One of the hardest working Rollerbladers in the NYC scene working off of his Blackberry before the crowd arrives.

Victor C. & Angelo Ferrer collaborating on good things.

Support Psyko Clothing or else Josue will do this face at every event.

Angelo & Trevor Johnson analyzing the ledge and maybe getting some clips.

Josue using my L-keys to adjust his skinless Valos.

Killgorious handling business as usual.

The Jackal is in the building, original P-62 crew in the house.

Too many cameras taking a group shot=eyes looking in every direction haha.

A better organized group shot with Mr. Knight making a cameo appearance.

Victor C. doing an equipment check on his exclusive custom camera set-up.

NYC’s Secret Weapon James easily lacing Backfarv on the banks drop rail.

Marvin may have taken a bad fall but he got back up and laced a True Top Soyale on the drop rail.

The session is winding down and the non-skating crowd is respectfully taking a seat enjoying the skating going down.

Skaters getting ready to throw down on the ledge.

James killed every spot we went to, he doesn’t run out of energy.

Franco is in the house and you see the face in the background? Josue is NOT playing! Support Psyko Clothing or else!!!

Nothing like the New York City Rollerblading scene I swear, I LOVE it!


One Response to ““Let’s Roll New York” 3/20/2010 LB-CAM Pics”

  1. Hahahhahaha I can’t believe you put the cat up!

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