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Rollerblading Throwback #2: “No Limits″ VHS

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          Here is another classic piece of Rollerblading cinema that was buried in my treasure trove of memorabilia. “NO LIMITS” was released in 1996 by Blizzard Productions, Inc. This is the VHS that shocked the Rollerblading world with one of the most infamous falls in Rollerblading when Jon Ortiz landed scorpion-style nearly breaking his back after falling of a rail in Central park NYC…and after his foot stops shaking he gets up asking who called the ambulance haha.
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7 Pics in 7 Minutes at “Let’s Roll New York” 4/24/2010

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          The LB-CAM captured these 7 pics in 7 minutes at this past Saturday’s “Let’s Roll New York” Session #4. I happened to be in the city closeby having lunch with my baby at the time so afterwards I walked up to the meeting spot to say what’s up to the skaters that showed up, before heading home with my son. Enjoy these quick pics!
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Introducing Ryan Timms and “Life Of Ryan & Scott”

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          Ryan Timms is more than just the skater who won ShutupandSKATE Contest #3 “Best Trick On A Box or Slider Bar”…Here is his winning clip just in case you need a reminder…
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Gun used in Brian “Cozmik” Scott case now OFF of the streets!

Posted in Respect Due with tags , on April 23, 2010 by lordbrian

          When I woke up this morning, I came across this Daily News article which gives praise to an undercover Cop who managed to single-handedly take 153 guns off of the streets of New York City by playing his role so well.
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Rollerblading Throwback #1: USD Tour “Life On The Road 24/7” VHS

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          There is the first installment of my throwback Rollerblading findings that I have kept locked up in the attic of my Mom’s house in East New York Brooklyn.
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“Last Man Standing:Competition Series” DVD SCREENING INFO!

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Striking a pose to the beats of the African drummers in Harlem…photo by Shardy Nieves

          My close friends over at CO. Efficient ( surprised me with this Dedication piece that they posted up on their Rollerblading blog.
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