“Let’s Roll New York” 4/3/2010 LB-CAM Pics


          On Saturday, April 3rd Victor Callender & Wheels In Motion (http://www.wheelsinmotionnyc.com/)  had their 3rd “Let’s Roll New York” session which took place in Harlem at the Marcus Garvey Park Rails. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the first 2 spots but here are some random pics that I captured along with captions to hopefully keep most of you entertained…Enjoy!

This is the learning curve at this spot.

A good visual lesson right here, always check the tightness of the axel screwx before you roll.

This is the endless rail…now picture this times 2 and you can see how cool this spot is for lacing various lines.

Evan Grimball knows the importance of stretching before you roll.

Hector Rodriguez pulling a Savannah on the “Learning Curve” portion of the rail.

Victor Callender arriving in a good mood seeing his vision come to fruition.

James Macay is part of the future of the NYC Rollerblading scene…just wait and see.

Pimp Juice is in the house and make sure you don’t sleep on his Photography skills.

Smooth laced Back Royale by Hector Rodriguez.

True Mistrail across the dead fllowers nearby.

Victor and New Jersey OG Marquis Maples discussing some great ideas to promote Rollerblading.

USD customization is in full effect.

Some of the New School of the NYC Rollerblading scene hanging out before we head to the next spot.

I don’t really like pics of missed tricks but I love the way his hat escaped before the fall.

Smooth Soyale to set off the “Basketball Ledge” session.

Stylish Topsoul with a fresh pair of Carbons.

Finger on the Right side and Topsoul on the Left side.

Fly on the wall view of the spot with a Sweaty in the distance.

Bye bye PJ’s, I got to go for now…won’t see you again soon 😉


One Response to ““Let’s Roll New York” 4/3/2010 LB-CAM Pics”

  1. dang looks fun, i got to get out there

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