Rollerblading Throwback #1: USD Tour “Life On The Road 24/7” VHS

          There is the first installment of my throwback Rollerblading findings that I have kept locked up in the attic of my Mom’s house in East New York Brooklyn.

          I have alot of things such as VHS’s, DVD’s, Daily Bread Magazines, Box Magazines and much more that I will be posting up for those that wouldn’t mind taking a trip down to memory lane once in awhile…Enjoy today’s find Joe Navran’s USD Tour “Life On The Road 24/7”! I remember Daveee Blair giving me this copy at the Bitter Cold Show Down years ago.

           “Caution: What you are about to see is real. If you are a Parent, wishing your kids to become Pro skaters…Be warned! The  Joe Navran film you are about to watch, “USD Tour 24/7″ is 6 crazy weeks of travel, rollin’ and life. Josh Petty stars as USD Team Manager with appearances by all of your favorite USD riders Jon Julio, Rachard Johnson, Aaron Feinberg, Dominic Sagona, Dustin Latimer, Kevin Gillan, Andy Kruse, Abdiel Colberg, Jayson Reduta, Walt Austin and Jeff Fredrick from the beaches of Miami to the cold North of Montreal and Detroit during March & April 2002. Throw in some sunshine skate sessions in NorCal & OC and you have the most unique Rollerblading film produced since Hoax II.”


2 Responses to “Rollerblading Throwback #1: USD Tour “Life On The Road 24/7” VHS”

  1. Ben Rogers Says:


  2. I just watch Coup de Tat

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