Gun used in Brian “Cozmik” Scott case now OFF of the streets!

          When I woke up this morning, I came across this Daily News article which gives praise to an undercover Cop who managed to single-handedly take 153 guns off of the streets of New York City by playing his role so well.

*Part of the pile of guns seized now off of the New York City streets*

          The part of this article that hit me in the heart is that one of those guns that was recovered is the gun that was used to murder our great friend and brother in Rollerblading Brian “Cozmik” Scott. I am glad to see all of these guns taken off of the streets and especially the one that was used to take the Life of a young Brian who was very close to us all; but now I want to see the person behind this tragedy finally caught.
 I would like to send all my prayers and blessings to the Scott Family. 
I miss you Brian!

Here is a link to The Daily News article which mentions Brian Scott near the end of the article

*Photo by Angelo Ferrer


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