Introducing Ryan Timms and “Life Of Ryan & Scott”


          Ryan Timms is more than just the skater who won ShutupandSKATE Contest #3 “Best Trick On A Box or Slider Bar”…Here is his winning clip just in case you need a reminder…

          Ryan Timms is a young man of many hats doing great things for his scene. And now he is currently adding up & coming videographer to his resume as well. Ryan Timms took some time to give ShutupandSKATE the lowdown about his upcoming release “Life Of Ryan & Scott”.

*Ryan Timms on the job filming working the angles*

SUAS: “Life of Ryan & Scott” is about to be released and I can tell that you are extremely excited about it. How long have you been working on this film?
RT: Hahaha yes, I am very excited for this video to finallllly drop. I have been filming for 18 months just collecting various clips from trips we’ve been on, filming and editing skits, profiles, and things like that.

SUAS: I miss Skits! It’s little additives like that, that makes me happy. What Rollerblading movies influenced you or should I say what movies in general influenced you and your editing style?
I honestly can’t think of any movies that have really influenced what I do, I sorta feel like I influence myself if thats not cocky to say haha. I am always trying to better myself at anything I involve myself in. I just make up ideas based on really cliche things in video, and put my own spin on it.  Anybody who watches the video will understand what I mean by that haha. 

*Pick up the DVD/T-Shirt Bundle pack for $20 at the premier*
SUAS: There are a lot of Rollerblading Dvd’s being filmed at the moment and on the verge of being released. What makes your DVD stand out from the rest of them?
 Life of Ryan & Scott is not your typical Rollerblading Dvd. It’s a story. I keep hearing on messageboards and stuff about how people miss the personality in Rollerblading. Most of the recent bigggg videos like Drip Drop and the One DVD show the more extreme side of professional skating, which is tight, but at the same time it lacks the personal connection with the people in the video. The best example I can think of that people would actually remember is the Black Market Euro trip edit; you felt a real connection with those skaters and it makes that video fun to watch. You develop a sort of connection with the skater, and when you see this section it makes it that much better to you.  
         People who have seen some rough cuts of this have compared it to the old USD tour video and Hoax 3, those were both tour videos, and Life of Ryan & Scott is a tour video, but not to a specific place…it’s a tour of our lives. It gives you a really deep look into all of the people involved and allows the viewer to make a real connection. We are the typical Rollerblading crew, and skating is in our hearts, but beneath that is a bond between all of us that will never separate. I know that lots of skaters have their crew of dudes that they went to High School with and grew up blading with, and this captures that feeling PERFECTLY in my opinion.

 SUAS: In your last trailer you addressed some of the misconceptions about Life of Ryan & Scott. What were some of those misconceptions?
RT: Lots of people that saw the first trailer just figured we were going to be putting out profiles on the people in our area, but that’s not the case at all. Yes, this is going to have full profiles on myself, Scott Buchwald, Graham Hall, a split section with Joe Heim and Devon Avant, and a friends section, BUTTT this video is wayyy more than just those edits. Life of Ryan & Scott is the story of all of the adventures that we have been on over those 18 months. It includes some skits which a lot of people who have watched our goofy edits like “Super Doopidy Happidy Pill” and “Popsicle Sandwich” will really enjoy, and it will include some of our day-in-the-life style edits such as the online “Life of Ryan & Scott” and “Scott has a Birthday.” Our Dvd is more of a captivating story than your typical Rollerblading Dvd.

*Life Of Ryan & Scott premiere flyer*

SUAS: You have been promoting your upcoming premier for the DVD recently too. So, I’m going to ask you the tri-factor…When is the premiere…where will it be held…and what kind of cool things will be going down for those attending? 
2 P.M. on May 22nd and the address is 758 Independence Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23455 at the Cinema Cafe movie theater. At the premiere we will be having a showing of the film (obviously) and a raffle for a free DVD & Tee. The event itself is free but I’m asking anyone that comes out to please throw in like at least 1 buck ‘cause it’s not free for me to rent it haha. After the premiere there will be an after sesh at my local park, and a night time p-rail session at my house.  For any people traveling I’ve picked out some cheappppp hotels right near my house where we will be filming/skating that whole weekend for an online edit. The more the better, we are trying to get as many people as we can to come out to this event, so please bring your friends and enjoy the weekend with us down here in good ol’ Virginia Beachhh. Here’s a link to the Facebook event where people can RSVP and hit me up with any questions about it, and the hotel links are on this page also.  

SUAS: What would you like to say to the masses to ensure that they will come out and support your Dvd?
RT: If you are ready for a change in skate videos, then buy “Life of Ryan & Scott”, if you have been looking for a chance to come to a random place to skate with fellow bladers, then come on down to the premiere. I love meeting and skating with new people so anybody that can attend please do, you wont regret it ;]

SUAS: And the million dollar question to end this little intro to your upcoming DVD is once this is finally released what are you planning on working on next?
RT: Hmmm, thats a tough question. Right now I have a broken wrist and I go in for surgery at the end of the week, so after I recupe from that I am (hopefully) going up to camp Woodward for a few weeks to work and skate with some kids, then I really have no plans as of now. I’m a senior in high school so I just am going to try and take life as it comes and just enjoy the ride.  

Life Of Ryan & Scott Trailer #3

Some more Ryan Timms Media


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    RYAN / TRAILER 3 IS GREAT !!!!!!!


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    RYANNNNNNNN so juiced for the dvd bro. Im glad this is all coming together for you

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