7 Pics in 7 Minutes at “Let’s Roll New York” 4/24/2010

          The LB-CAM captured these 7 pics in 7 minutes at this past Saturday’s “Let’s Roll New York” Session #4. I happened to be in the city closeby having lunch with my baby at the time so afterwards I walked up to the meeting spot to say what’s up to the skaters that showed up, before heading home with my son. Enjoy these quick pics!

*This poor Rent-A-Cop tried in vain to stop the session but to no avail…and the fact that he didn’t talk English but rather a “click-clack” dialect didn’t help him too much either*

*The man that put this all together Victor Callender arrives and immediately gives out pounds of respect to everybody that is there supporting his vision*

*Billy O’ Neill & Austin Paz catching up*

*Victor relieving some of the weight of his custom camera off of his back*

*My little pride and joy Brian Jr. enjoying the skating going down at the warm-up session*

*Austin P. checking out the tricks going down nearby*

*Josh showing off his recent thrift store find…and he was skating with them in the session*


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