Rollerblading Throwback #2: “No Limits″ VHS

          Here is another classic piece of Rollerblading cinema that was buried in my treasure trove of memorabilia. “NO LIMITS” was released in 1996 by Blizzard Productions, Inc. This is the VHS that shocked the Rollerblading world with one of the most infamous falls in Rollerblading when Jon Ortiz landed scorpion-style nearly breaking his back after falling of a rail in Central park NYC…and after his foot stops shaking he gets up asking who called the ambulance haha.

*Jon landed like this but 10x times worse*

           “Don’t blink. Are you ready for non-stop, fast-paced, in-your-face aggressive skate video that doesn’t miss a beat? No Limits takes you from the streets of NYC to the ramps of the ASA, with skaters from coast to coast. SKATING + MUSIC = fiending for more!

Eddie Campos
Rawlinson Rivera
Ryan Jacklone
Dave Ortega
Bryan Bell
Ray Mendez
Calvin Sayles
Jon Ortiz
Victor Callender
Ron Hunter
Cesar Mora
Kanuf Nagi
Kate Gengo
Rene Hulgreen

Pete Cunningham
Joe Dedentro
Marvin Myers
Jay Nakahara
The Tejedas
The Dislas

Eric B. & Rakim
The Chemical Brothers
Bitch Funky Sex Machine
The Cadillac Tramps
Aliigator Gun
Dick Dale
808 State

*Rocking the Yellow years before it became the “IT” color*


2 Responses to “Rollerblading Throwback #2: “No Limits″ VHS”

  1. antonio Says:

    hahah i rember watching this with you in angels house

  2. soul grind it real good, take it deep till it hurts

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