Company Spotlight: INRI Cloth


          There are many clothing lines created by Rollerbladers for Rollerbladers, but unfortunately only a few survive past their first line. The main ingredient to many of those companies demise is the uninspired artwork and/or lackluster quality. Enter INRI Cloth…I am rarely impressed with emerging clothing companies these days but INRI definitely stands out with its imagery and thought provoking designs.

          Before we go any further, for those who may not know what INRI stands for it is  IGNE NATURA RENOVATUR INTEGRA which means BY FIRE NATURE IS RESTORED IN PURITY. Now that we got that out of the way let’s delve into the mind of one of Rollerbladings’ most creative minds Sean Sea.

SUAS: What is your definition of INRI Cloth?
SC: Well, we are simply a blank canvas for passionate, dedicated artists/riders, owned and operated by passionate, dedicated riders/artists and more importantly, we are the manufacturer of jeans and apparel that is worn by the ones who inspire you to do what you do.

SUAS: Your designs are definitely eye-catching & thought provoking, where do you draw your inspiration from?
SC: Music, motion picture, the arts? IDK thats kind of a broad one, I can say this; I am inspired by the true love that one can have for something…….. other than another human being… that sounds like beastiality or some shit nevermind don’t use that lol…..(cough cough) ……but basically I think its rad when people are dedicated and passionate about things, regardless of what you are doing.  If you are constantly progressing at something that you love doing and staying dedicated and focused in that, you should be able to achieve greatness in that which should lead to happiness, possibly even some form of enlightenment…so, I guess maybe I’m inspired by the thought of being able to inspire others to live in love with what they do and enjoy life as much as I do.

SUAS:  Who are the individuals  involved with INRI Cloth?
SC: Locally its Myself, Kevin Yee(Wolfman), Vic G, Jerm Soda, Hay Baller and Anthony Gallegos and then if you were to head East you might see Billy O Neill, Colin Kelso, Albert Hooi, Oli Short, Gabriel Hyden and Erik Stokley rocking our gear.

SUAS: Can you give us some history on the start up of INRI?
SC: Well, it has been a crew since about 2002 right about when “Them Apples” came out. We started experimenting by doing our pieces on shirts and using those as canvases for our work, and eventually got some funding and was able to build it into a bit more which was a couple years ago. A couple thousand cases of beer drank, numerous pints of blood spilled, a whole shitload of cartilage lost and we almost have our first video done.

SUAS: What new products are you currently working on?
SC: Well, we just got the INRI socks back, got some fresh new beanies comin out, a couple new PRO denim styles and my new Spring collection has a couple garments that I designed down to the stitches which I’m real stoked on. The apparel for Spring is gonna be out in a couple weeks which I am also very pleased with. We are doing this new dye technique that basically does an all over photo quality color dye all over the garment, something that’s unique to our industry for sure, possibly the whole action sports industry too…I’m not too sure though.

SUAS: What is your personal goal with the creation of INRI?
SC: Just to provide a real solid blank canvas for talented artists in hopes of providing a real unique and good contribution to the mecca of action sports apparel and cloth. Also, to provide the best possible representation of our lifestyle to the people of our generation.

SUAS: Any parting words or shout-outs?
Um sure, I would officially like to thank the entire crew as well the entire Sea Fam; Genevieve, Furbdog, Barbie, Jadey and newest addition baby Avalon, also all of our supporters from day one; SHOCK, Revolution, AMall, Urban Rolling, D-Structure, GCS LA & THE SDSF.

Check out the INRI website:


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