Up & Coming All-Star: STEVE NICHOLS

Full Name: Steve Nichols
Representing: Spoiled Bratt Skate Shop, Tee, Jug Razor, NJ, Rep rollerblading everyday!!!
Age: 22 years old
Years Skating: 6 now
Skates: Razors Aragon 3’s LE
Frames: Ground Control Frames
Wheels: M1 Aragon Wheels
Sponsors: Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop, iDentity Clothing, Jug, & Razors

          When I first met Steve Nichols years ago I thought he couldn’t speak English. We were on a Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop bus outing to the EXPN Skatepark in PA. That bus ride was supposed to be about an hour and a half but the idiot bus driver made it about twice as long due to his lack of basic driving skills. During that whole trip Steve was facing forward and spoke not a word. When we got there he still didn’t utter a word but what I did notice about him was that he skated hard. I asked Tee about this new scruffy haired kid and she told me that he was a new skater that popped up in her shop recently who really didn’t know anybody yet.

          I later joined Steve in skating this Funbox set-up and while we were skating I was also cracking jokes to keep the atmosphere fun. Eventhough he was just getting his basic tricks down, he did them over and over to make sure he had it on lock. After a short while he finally started talking even though it was more of a whisper but at least he started talking and also laughing a bit. And ever since that day he has been in a majority of the great sessions going down in New Jersey.

         Fast forward to present time…All I can say is that there is a huge difference in Steve’s skating then and now. Steve’s progression has been amazing to watch and it is the result of hard work and dedication. He took his time and now posseses a nice amount of tech skills that will catch your eye in any session that he is in. His confidence in learning / trying new tricks is up so you will definitely see some new tricks everytime you skate with him. Keep an eye out for the name Steve Nichols, I feel that he will be popping up in a few clips here and there (maybe even a full section) soon.



2 Responses to “Up & Coming All-Star: STEVE NICHOLS”

  1. THAt”S my BOY!!!!!!!!! Lord B, thanx for featuring Steve. he has skated extremely hard! and deserves all the exposure he gets! From his skating now, you can’t tell the slightest that he had a rough beginning in rolling. I remember wen he first started skating with us! All he styled was a frown as he watched Nico and others shred! However, Steve has demonstrated one of the quickest progression I have witnessed since I have been in the business! Kudos to to Steve! Luv ya!


    I skate with Steve at Shields. he has great style and can do tricks no one else can. he’s also a nice guy who heps teach us younger kids how to skate better. good u gave him recognition.

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