Rollerblading Throwback #4: “NIGHT OF THE STRING” VHS

“Night Of The String” is today’s pick for ShutupandSKATE’s Rollerblading Throwback. This VHS contains the classic split-section between Randy Spizer & Louie Zamora to the musical backdrop of The Firm’s “PHONE TAP” as well as a nice montage featuring Chris Edwards going for an insane spine to spine transfer.

Release Date: 1998
Produced by: BS Films
Starring: Arlo, Josh Petty, Louie Zamora, Randy Spizer, Jonathan Bergeron, Aaron Feinberg, Robert Lievanos & Kevin Karis.

      BS FILMS who brought you BAKING COOKIES, MR. MOOSEKNUCKLE and SUITABLE MATERIAL is back with the most Johnny Blaze skating so far. This video captures lifestyles and skating styles of all kinds. This is my favorite video so far. You won’t be let down.

“They say we should follow our dreams. They demand that we follow their rules. But in the night of the string, societies contradictions simply become obstacles.”



JOSH PETTY Section (minus the music due to copyright laws)


One Response to “Rollerblading Throwback #4: “NIGHT OF THE STRING” VHS”

  1. heck yeah, we need the full jam on vimeo

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