“Let’s Roll New York” 5/15/2010 LB-CAM Pics

          Saturday, May 15th was the latest “Let’s Roll New York” session which took place at the Triple C ledges (1st Spot) at 99th Street & 41st Avenue. ShutupandSKATE was in the house enjoying a great session on this beautiful sunny day & I even managed to snag a few random pics with the LB-CAM. Enjoy!

*The Triple C ledges in Queens looks innocent but beware, the floor is pretty slick for some reason. Then again, I did see a piece of melted wax embedded on the floor near where you would land. And from what I heard from the locals there have been about 5 instances of people breaking their fingers by putting their hand down on the top of the ledge**

**The look of concentration & determination on the faces of the Rollerbladers waiting patiently for their chance to lace a trick on the ledge**

**The man that put this together is always in a great mood stylin’ & profilin’ with his OG swag**

**Victor Callender making sure his custom cam is ready to record some tricks**

**2nd tier Backfarv by NYC local before switching it up to inspin soul on the 3rd tier**

**Thomas LiPani was in town for the week and dropped by to lace the 3rd tier ledge, it was great seeing you again T.P.!**

**A little Soul going on at the 2nd tier**

**A sea of skates with no 2 alike**

**Skating to the next spot which was a mission away, I’m going to invest in a bike for next time!**

**We arrived at this spot to find the gates closed along with 2 Police squad cars closeby. And to make matters worse the only way in was to wedge ourselves between the bars near the column and there is no way in hell that my big head and fat self would fit**

**Craig Benabu from I Roll NY is in the house and working on figuring out the replacement spot for this bust with some NYC locals**

**The Art Of Rolling crew had an extra seat in the ride so here is a backseat shot of us speeding to the next spot**

**Top Porn on the low handicap at this park on 82nd Street where you can buy an overflowing plate of delicious food for $8 a few feet away from thhis rail**

**Angelo Ferrer working on Royale to Alley Oop Topsoul to 270 Royale and showing NYC what hard work does for your progression. Angelo is skating harder than ever so keep an eye out for him**

**Victor Callender lacing the Topsoul to show people that he also skates in his sessions, not just put them together**


4 Responses to ““Let’s Roll New York” 5/15/2010 LB-CAM Pics”

  1. ahhh i hate looking at these spots that i dont have, its so frustrating being stuck in long beach

  2. Demetrius Watson Says:

    Looks sick! Cant wait to visit nyc someday

  3. I’m so jealuos

  4. Buckner Says:

    Spots look sick…Reminds of THursday night skate Seshs Back in Seattle….Miss thoes days!

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