Rollerblading Throwback #5: 1998 NISS PROMO MAG

          I wanted to change it up a bit with today’s throwback. I picked out a rare 1998 NISS PROMO MAG which was given out to those that attended the NISS events during that year. There were usually a limited amount of these given out and often ended up being trashed but I usually save things like this so I can look back on it later. Call it the “Rollerblading Hoarder” in me.

          Looking back on a magazine like this definitely shows how big Rollerblading was when it was first on the rise. The list of sponsors that were pouring money into our sport were pretty impressive. Just from this promo mag alone, here is the list of the heavy hitters that were helping to bring Rollerblading out to the forefront of “extreme” sports at the time. These following companies showed financial support and even bought ads in this magazine…not to mention the promo goodies that these companies gave out. I usually came home with 2 bags full of giveaways!

“Don’t Call Me Home…Gatorade helps keep you cool. That helps keep you going. So you don’t hafta go home. And that means…you’re happy.”

– Panasonic
– Gatorade
– FOX Sports Net
– Paul Mitchell Professional Salon Products (I used to take these samples and give them to my Mom since I had no use for them haha)
– Ford Motor Company
– Gummi Saver

*I wish my Summer schedule looked like this*

          There was a Summer Schedule included in the magazine as well so that you can plan out your contests for the Summer if you decided to either enter or spectate. NISS had the Summer on lock starting early in April all the way to September. Articles in the magazine included “Cathing Up With SHANE SAVIERS”, “JENNY CURRY’S Got Girl Power” & “Skating Through The World Wide Web” which profiled a little site called (R.I.P.)

          What really caught my eye was the 1998 Pro World Rankings at that time. Some of those names are legendary with a few of them still Rolling today!

1. Josh Clarke
2. Marco Hintze
3. Alexis Ecija
4. Chris Corvino
5. Marc Dubied
6. Blake Dennis
7. Thierry L’Allemand
8. Richard Taylor
9. Jon Julio
10. Leandro Riberio

1. Eito Yasutoko
2. Cesar Mora
3. Heathen Anderson
4. Taig Khris
5. Javier Bujanda
6. Sam Fogarty
7. Distel Pipe
8. Cesar Arruda
9. Tom Fry
10. Rene Hulgreen

1. Fabiola Da Silva
2. Emma Grey
3. Sayaka Yabe
4. Jenny Curry
5. Casey Ulrick
6. Salima Sanga
7. Sienna Wells
8. Maria Gracelle

1. Fabiola Da Silva
2. Jodi Tyler
3. Kerstin Rautenfeld
4. Claudia Trachsel
5. Cristina Alves

          Now what NISS Promo Mag is complete without a spread dedicated to what a Half Pipe is, what a Street Course is and a breakdown of the judging criteria.

1998 NISS (National In-Line Skate Series) PROMO MAG
Cover: That is the legendary CESAR MORA catching about 10 feet of air out of the vert with a Rocket Grab

Panasonic bought the back cover to promote their shock resistant cd player. This Rec. skater is intense.



4 Responses to “Rollerblading Throwback #5: 1998 NISS PROMO MAG”

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  2. Oh yea… 🙂

  3. Rick Stark Says:


    This is sweet. I was the promoter who founded the event. I have some more niss throwbacks.

    Hit me up…

  4. does anybody have footage of jenny curry skating or pics she wants them if you do thanks

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