SKATE This Spot #1: Pier 62 Skatepark

          In order to kick off a new category here at ShutupandSKATE I decided to showcase some LB-CAM Pics that I took Thursday morning at the brand new skating facility located at Chelsea Piers. Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you “SKATE This Spot”: Pier 62 Skatepark!

Nickname: Pier 62 Skatepark
Terrain Type: Concrete Skatepark
Cost: FREE
Requirements: Helmets (…but the skatepark is city run and being that the city is always trying to save money they haven’t hired anybody to enforce this rule yet)
Closest Directions: Take the C or E train to 23rd Street and skate down 3 blocks to 12th Avenue.
Park Hours: From Dawn to Dusk

LET’S ROLL NEW YORK Session #6 @ Pier 62 Skatepark

**Flyer designed by Craig Benabu**

PIER 62 Skatepark “OPENING DAY” Edit Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal & Skeptic Media


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