Rollerblading Throwback #6: SKATER MAGAZINE Issue #1

          Today’s throwback is a bit special because of the rarity of this issue, which was the controversial  issue of “SKATER MAGAZINE” due to the words on the cover.

          SKATER MAGAZINE Issue #1 came out around July 1998 and it was the final issue due to the negative feedback of the cover wording. On the cover is one of Rollerblading’s most infamous personality’s…New York City’s own RAWLINSON RIVERA. And all it took was 1 classic sentence of Rawls Royce’s lingo to throw the literary world into an uproar. “WHO’S THE JOHNNIEST NIGGA YOU KNOW?” was plastered on the cover alongside his scowl and the rest is history. Just by the cover alone you can easily tell that this Rollerblading magazine was catering to the older crowd…it even had a centerfold model semi-nude wearing a SKATER MAGAZINE t-shirt. This was definitely not for the little grommets at the skateparks with the oversized skates getting in everybody’s way.

          Once you get past the cover there is some good content inside these pages. Especially ads from companies that were once the “hottest” thing out at the time. Do you remember these companies?


MARCO HINTZE Super Computer Robot Ad

SHANE SAVIORS Medium/Smell The Glove Ad

RISE ABOVE “Pro Shirts Are Gay” Ad

MIKE BUDNICK Hangers Clothing Ad

          There were articles such as “AMERICA’S AMS” which highlighted upcoming Rollerbladers Jeff Belzeski, Fade Hurricane & Jeff Fredrick and a piece called “RAT-TAILS” which was a brief interview with the most famous rat-tail of them all BRIAN SHIMA…and yes, he had a rat-tail. Of course included were double-page spread shots of some of the top Pros & Ams at the time including MARQUES THOMPSON, NIK PRODERICK & TJ WEBBER who laced a stylish Gap over the rail to ROYALE on the dumpster!

Here is the picture of the centerfold so I don’t get accused of welching 😉

          The meat and potatoes of this issue though, is the RAWLINSON RIVERA Interview. Rawlinson is one of those rare personalities that keeps Rollerblading on its collective toes. His raw, in your face persona makes a great read everytime. Here are some of the interview questions which were asked to him by Arlo Eisenberg.

Arlo: Who is Tim Ruddy?
Rawlinson: The biggest idiot I’ve ever met in my life! I allowed him to work at HYPER. Tom Peterson asked me if this guy was good, and he flew me down to meet him one night. This guy fucked up everything. We practically, like, tried to get Hyper a cooler name, stop them from being so stupid. He came in, went over the stuff I had done, and what I had said, and did his own thing; doing like drug titles on the wheels, and making me look like a criminal being arrested, and all kinds of shit. And I got him fired.

Arlo:What happened when Brooke was going to fight Tim Ruddy, how come you got Tim’s back?
Rawlinson: You know. You know the whole story about that one. I was like “Yeah! Yeah! I got yo’ back!”

Rawlinson: I don’t know, I just thought Brooke was being kind of stupid at the moment, and I didn’t really know Tim Ruddy that much. ‘Cause, from what I heard, Brooke just went and punched him or something like that. But, I didn’t know that Tim Ruddy had hit Vera in the arm at the time when she had the accident, so I was like, yeah, whatever, I got your back, but of course, I was like, I’m gonna go and just sit here and watch you get beat up and shit. But, you know, nothing happened. Brooke punched out, and his Canadian was a freak.

Arlo: Is Mark Shays hard to work with?
Rawlinson: Very hard. I think Mark Shays is a nerd. Especially when he starts talking about tricks on TV, and says like, stupid stuff, like, he goes up in the air and does a 180 degree spin and grabs his foot through the back, you know. That kind of shit gets me mad.

Arlo: Who is the biggest player hater in the industry?
Rawlinson: B. Hardin

Arlo: Why?
Rawlinson: Because he playa hated me plenty of times.

Alley-Oop Soul in Orange County at Oceanview High School


13 Responses to “Rollerblading Throwback #6: SKATER MAGAZINE Issue #1”

  1. […] Check the full article on Shutupandsk8. Thanks LordBrian. […]

  2. soo sick…i remember gettin this issue….seein these pics sure takes me back

  3. […] 0 Skater magazine had a short life span. It released one issue only. Shutupandsk8 did a flashback story on this magazine, enjoy and see some nice ads from back in the day. None of these companies exist now anymore. See the full story on Shutupandsk8. […]

  4. What does “Johnniest” even mean?

  5. Yes I wanted to know what that meant also. Sounds a little bit too in yah face you start mouthing off at everyone and expect to get it back! The guys an aggravator…but I guess its that hard new york edge.

  6. Haha I am honestly the only reply to your incredible read.

  7. If only I had a greenback for every time I came to… Incredible read!

  8. For the longest time Rivera held down the New York skate scene, at least, until Ryan Jacklone came around and misty flipped the banks steps and then everything that could possibly be misty flipped. All on K2 Fatty’s… good ol’memories.

  9. Tim Ruddy Says:

    LOL, Funniest interview i’ve ever read!! I don’t think i’ve ever had anyone as uneducated as rawlinson call me an idiot. Rawlinson you make me laugh. You not only were not an employee of Hyper but had no input whatsoever in the day to day operations of the company. Peterson never flew you in to meet anybody let alone listened to your input. I have all the spreadsheets of my time there…. we Made MILLIONS!!!! So much for you getting me fired. I fulfilled my contract obligations to a T and then Left. If your going to trash talk someone at least grow enough balls to tell the truth. A high school drop out such as yourself is not going to be a decision maker in a multi million dollar corporation. I carried your whining ass all through Europe and it was all i could do from keeping you crying yourself to sleep from being homesick.LOL It’s 2010 and this is all you have to talk about… how sad your glory days are so loooong gone. And poor Arlo, a once famous skater impaired by Obsessive compulsive disorder and at one time heralded by Time Magazine as on of their most influential people…now doing crappy articles about a sad teenage has- been from 14 years ago. Some corporate mogul you turned out to be , ha. As for any fight in Chicago with Brooke, there was a lot of yelling but no fight, he had no chance and he new it. He was drunk and I never hit Vera in the arm. He was a talker and I grew up a fighter, it was never going to happen.

    Nonetheless I thought it would be funny to reply to your sad tirade, next time we meet could you make sure I get fries with my meal?
    I honestly say, “good luck” , because it truly looks like you need it.


  10. rawlinson was an idiot, biggest idiot to ever grace the pages of any rollerblading magazine, what a joke. rollerblading is fucking gay

  11. I worked for the n I s s tour till 2000 ? I have that issue the hype niss wheels all that stuff , and have nothing bad to say about any of the sports history and its peps . Your right they dont let doltish people’s makes decisions and I’m wondering how you got to ? Just by the way you speak and present your case shows me you are just as doltish as he . No professional would post that about people whom they have worked with .

    David James Russo M.F.A
    P.S . Ron Hunter owes me White Castle

  12. wow, Tim really is an idiot, he’s responding to an interview from 1998 like it just happened in 2010.. talk about straw man argument… he must be a cynical narcissist to be so oblivious to the obvious.

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