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Up & Coming All-Star: JAMES PEREZ

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Full Name: James G. Perez          
Representing: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 18
Years Skating: 5
Skates: USD UFS Hooi Thrones
Frames: Kizer
Wheels: Eulogy
Sponsors: Frequency Apparel ( )
Tri-State Skate ( )
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Don Bambrick Pro Skate Official Edit & Game Theory Update Info!

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Tagged…I’m IT! “Checkmate” DVD

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          This Rollerblading movie has me in the intro here and there as well as in the Bonus Feature…good times, good times. See how many times you can find good ol’ LB!

“Too Much Love” Crew Pier 62 Skatepark Session LB-CAM PICS

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          On FRIDAY, JUNE 18th at Pier 62 Skatepark in NYC the Too Much Love Crew came down from Minnesota to show the New York City Rollerblading scene  much love. The turnout was great and NYC definitely showed the TML crew how we support Rollerblading. Enjoy some of these LB-CAM pics taken during  some down time and remember to SUPPORT Rollerblading!
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Brian “Cozmik” Scott article in DAILY NEWS 6/21/2010

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          There is an article in today’s Daily News paper focusing on the “Arrowhead Pawn” shop, which is the shop where the gun used in the Brian Scott tragedy was purchased. During an investigation it was noted that the Jonesboro, GA shop sold numerous guns that recently made its way to our city streets. In total there has been 11 suspects arrested on weapons posession charges related to 9 guns purchased at Arrowhead.

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          Voting ENDS TODAY JUNE 18th!!!so tell ALL of your friends to tell ALL of their friends to “LIKE” this on Youtube!


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          It took some back and forth texts and emails between Jeph, Blake & myself but we have a date and FRIDAY, JUNE 18th is the day!
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