Let’s Roll New York & Create Originals 5/29/2010 Jam Session PICS

          On Saturday, May 29th 2010 at 1:00p.m. there was an amazing jam session put together by Victor Callender’s “Let’s Roll New York” & Create Originals. All I can say is that NYC came out STRONG and definitely showed their support for Rollerblading.

          ShutupandSKATE was in the house and the LB-CAM captured over a dozen random pics that tells a short story of some of the day’s events. Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to check out the captions that go with them kiddies 😉

*This is the first session that I have been to so far since I moved back to NYC in which there were Rollerbladers at the spot hours before the schedule session time. NYC has stepped up their punctuality game! Rollerbladers such as Ryan Many, Jesus Medina and many more getting their skates, physical and mindset warmed up.

*The session is getting started early with Rollerbladers going big from the start. As you can see there are no snakes in this session. Snakes get cut!

*Victor C. Callender taking it easy for once and observing the tricks going down in the jam session.

*iSpy Andrew Nemiroski’s chaka hand, Dave Lang concentrating on a line, Victor Callender’s hat behind Trevor Johnson’s right shoulder while he looks to the left wondering what is behind him and Steve Iacono smiling away with his pre-bent Aviators.

*Josh Diaz representing Psyko Clothing & JERO speaking on the tricks of the trade on great Rollerblading photography.

*Billy O Neill clreaing his throat and getting ready to make a BIG Create Originals announcement.

*The amazing Rollerblader to Billy’s left cements CO’s status as a team not to be messed with. How can an unstoppable team become even better? I have a strong feeling that it’s not even over yet!

*Montre Livingston soaking up all the NYC love that is showering in his direction.

*Montre setting off the square rail session with a flawless Negative Mistrial with sunglasses in tact.

*Brian Lewis getting clips of CO’s newest rider and looking amazed and how well he can skate pretty much everything.

*Back Savannah anyone? Laced with ease as usual.

*Billy O Neill giving me the evil eye since I caught him off-guard resting up.

*Hakeem Jimoh with a luggage bag of great deals on CO frames, shirts and inserts…Thanks for the hook up Hakeem!

Here is a brief edit by Steve Iacono


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